Though the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and the Mini 12 are slowly being phased out, that still leaves Dell’s inch netbook—of which there are two versions: Admittedly we did have some complaints with the keyboard – a little too much flex – but we applaud the consistent layout. The processor benchmark certifies the Intel Atom N processor, with 1. The small loudspeakers are also useable. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. HP Spectre x 13 late

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The screenshot shows that the Atom processor is only loaded between 28 p and 41 percent p at the same time. The overview and working on the display is made a lot easier in comparison to netbook typical WSVGA in x pixels. Battery life is really good. Mimi one-finger jini substitutes it. No other Nvidia Ion netbook bids such runtimes. Disk data transfer rate.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 review coming shortly can be configured with bells and whistles such as an “HD” screen resolution, a TV tuner, and mobile broadband. The Mini’s motherboard and the insides are placed into this tray.


We can’t twist the little chassis with our hands. Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Mini – The entertainer for on the move. We can’t really recommend it, though.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v – External Reviews

Please, switch off ad blockers. Netbooks are found a dime a dozen. If the maximum energy savings options are enabled, then the Inspiron Mini prototype reaches a runtime of almost 10 hours. The base plate doesn’t have any maintenance covers and can’t be pressed even faintly anywhere.

Review Dell Mini Notebook. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

The Samsung N costs euro and is also suitable for outdoor fans with a matt display. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. Dell builds in a reflective The processor benchmark certifies the Intel Atom N processor, with 1. The most expensive is Lenovo’s S12 for euro. Even the display bezel is nice and stable. The TFT’s backlight is an arresting energy consumer, but the user can’t deactivate it.

This has disadvantages, especially in demanding use with HD decoding and processor load. Keyboard The keys have a distinct stroke lengtha clear pressure point and a firm stroke. The standard Intel Atom N processor provides the main power in this netbook; the newer N has barely surfaced as we write.


The “v” in the Dell Mini 10v’s name is seemingly n2270 to indicate value for thrifty Netbook shoppers.

The wide display bezel also contributes to that. We’ll clarify that and more in this comprehensive review.

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The lid is kept firmly in place due to these traits. But we perceive a color intense image in connection with the glare type display.

The high-gloss finish provides for fingerprints. The same old netbook coupled with poor ergonomics and a grainy screen makes miin one to avoid. Trading up to