The user may also choose whether to let the recipient edit, print or copy data from the PDF file. Intuitive Operation Large, back-lit touch screen quickly navigates users through job set-up and execution. Automatically archive each outbound and inbound fax or e-mail to create an audit trail of communication. The sheet automatic document feeder allows you to load large copy, fax and scan jobs without having to break them into multiple sets, while the single-pass duplex scanner efficiently processes two-sided originals. Please check individual product specifications for feature set. Interactive voice guidance system provide step-by-step instruction for paper jam removal, machine set-up, job execution and more.

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Its design, which considers different operational patterns and the use of animated guidance, makes it easy to operate. With e-mail gateway users have access to a convenient fax solution that mirrors the familiar operation of a traditional fax machine. Standard duplex printing Optional paper options include: Fast Document Input and Output Produce copy and print jobs quickly with up to 25 page-per-minute output and 6 second first-copy-out-time.

High-speed Ethernet connection On top of the fundamental functions of a copier, scanner, fax, and printer, the ability to enter, archive, scanber, and transfer data through network makes it a powerful composite tool in murxtec office.

Multiple fax forwarding locations can be registered based on specific numbers, area codes, etc. Printing Highlights Deliver single-sided output at 25 pages-per-minute, or duplex at scannrr pages-per-minute. The sheet automatic document feeder, high-resolution color scanner, onboard processors and intuitive interface will enable you to scan documents at up to 31 pages-per-minute.


Muratec MFX-2550 Scan, Fax and Print

DHCP compliant for instant network connection static assignment also supported. The user may also choose whether to let the recipient edit, print or copy data from the PDF file. The device combines two high-resolution CCD scanners that enables two-sided dpi color scanning at 40 mratec 20 pages front and back.

Information can be useful if it is easily accessible. Integrated address book can store up to 1, contacts expandable to 2,each containing a fax number, e-mail address and group locations. Ledger-size platen glass enables the copying, scanning or faxing of documents that cannot be umratec through the ADF. Once the settings are adjusted the desired color printer can be selected followed by [Start].

Standard network printing, acanner the redesigned host-based Muratec Printing System, delivers responsive, high-resolution output. Automatically archive each outbound and inbound fax or e-mail to create an audit trail of communication. Customize outgoing e-mail transmissions with a specific file name, subject line, text message and network attachment Share a centralized printing resource to reduce operating costs.

Feature set varies by model. Voice guidance Various registrations, paper jam removal, and other operations are prompted by voice guidance.


Once you find the folder you wish to scan to simply press [Start] and the document will be scanned directly into that folder. Documents are central to every business. Once registered, users simply walk-up to the MFP, place a color document into the document feeder, or on platen glass, and select [Scan to Print].


Up to 5 color printers can be pre-registered. ScanTag has been certified for use with the following document management applications: Network printer It works as a Windows compatible dpi printer. Please muratdc individual product specifications for feature set. DirectScan does not require the installation of any additional hardware connectors or software utilities.

Single pass duplex scanning captures two-sided originals in a single pass, thus increasing scan efficiency while reducing paper jams and roller wear. Muratce operation is murtec to the user by using the same fax interface that is used for sending a traditional fax. The Right Tools for the Job Documents are central to every business. The MFX is a powerful document solution that features the tools needed to efficiently capture, distribute, manage and print your documents.

Store commonly produced documents, such as forms, into the MFX memory and print them on-demand. DirectScan is an innovative method of scanning documents into PC folders. The PDF will be encrypted during the transmission process and will not open until the correct password has been entered.

Card copy mode allows murxtec the capture of two-sided identification cards or checks onto a single sheet of paper.