But programming your machine s one-touch keys P1 and P2 can reduce those many steps to a simple press of a key. Any use of a brand name or model designation for a non-OEM cartridge is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility, and unless noted as OEM, All products listed on this site is are non-OEM. Page Use the numeric keypad to enter the two-digit identifier number of the F- Code box in which you want to store the document. The initial factory set- tings are probably right for most applications, so try using them before changing any of these settings: Before you insert paper in the cassette, stack it so the leading edge and sides of the paper are even. The now shows either: One-touch phone dialing To d i a l a phone call using a one-touch number, y o u must have an optional handset a t tached to your machine.

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Basic operation As needed, set the following: The initial factory set- tings are probably right for most applications, so try using them before changing any of these settings: Power Requirements Never disassemble your fax murahec This can happen if someone dials a wrong number or if the remote machine restricts access through use of a passcode.


Muratec MFX uses mxf-1300 supplies. Muratec America To select a different F-Code box than the one that appears on the box number now.


Page 56 Erasing a one-touch number Press Program key,102. Page 7 This page intentionally blank. Page 10 Delayed transmission To enter letters or other characters, use one-touch keys, numeric keypad or keys.

Our Customer Care team will contact you in such cases, to make sure you are informed about the substitution. Rotate Rx for MFX only.

Muratec MFX-1300 Black & White Copier

Soft Keys Soft Keys are shortcut keys. If you want to register them, press.

Using Department Codes Using department codes You can keep track of how your machine is used through its department code feature. Easydial Directory Dialing Advanced features EasyDial directory dialing EasyDial directory dialing makes your autodialer even more like an electronic phone book.

OEM Products come with a manufacturer warranty only. You can teach the one-touch keys to carry out any of the following operations: Page Just in case This page murqtec blank.

Changing the default settings Setting combine Default setting: It s something like an electronic phone book. Handset optional Used for voice communication.

Muratec MFX-1300/1700 Operating Instructions Manual

Page Advanced features Depending on if you have already entered at least one number into the blocked numbers list, the shows one of the following: Clean Dust buildup can damage your machine. Non-defective or damaged product in unopened original packaging subject to re-stocking murattec. Basic Operations This chapter describes the basic operation of the transmission, reception and copying Sending faxes Autodialer Autodialer Your fax machine s autodialer stores your most frequently called phone and fax num- bers for instant recall so you don t have to remember them.


Press Program key,203. Our procurement experts are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers. Our award-winning customer mxf-1300 department provides the same information, goods and services offered on our website. Open the top cover. Take advantage of it, and you could: If other solutions fail, please contact your authorized Muratec dealer. Your machine normally cleans the charger automatically.

Erase P One-Touch B. In this example, we ve chosen Half Page Recpt.: Page 4 Before using your Muratec fax machine Where to set up your fax machine Follow these guidelines when setting up your fax machine: