It gladdens my heart to see the old chestnut of cold boots is still alive and kicking. That would give me the opportunity to have a replacement from MSI. Please login or register. There first reply was to swap the board again. Motherboard makers have told us time and again that FireWire isn’t in high demand as an onboard feature now that USB is so prevalent. The same can be said for two SATA drives, one each port.

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MSI KT6 Delta-FISR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT600

No less than 6 USB kt60. We’re always happy to see occasions when system RAM can be inserted and removed without having to remove the AGP card.

This would be enough lt600 most motherboards, MSI doesn’t agree. Now and for the next months i need my VDR everyday to record my favorites.

It would certainly be a lot easier to have full details on their website rather than people having to dig through forums and then try to contact MSI.

Even more that the news is that MSI now know the problem but won’t tell – nothing new there then. Log in Don’t have an mai

Review: MSI KT6 DELTA-FIS2R KT – Mainboard – – Page 3

Since my new PSU I have had no cold boots. Here in cartagena, colombia, the temps are so high, when i turn on my pc, my pc never restart, the board works very fine. Yes, but where do you have hot weather? And whose boards would they modify, if so? There first reply was to swap the kt6600 again.


The first disappointment, from an enthusiast’s point of view, arrives with the knowledge that the KT6 Delta has no mounting holes surrounding the socket. And I do not have cold boot problems in hot weather except whne it has been a little cold outside one night and room temperature is below 21 degrees C.

The first aspect that caught our reviewing eye is that this motherboard is approximately 1cm narrower than most.

MSI KT6 Delta-FIS2R (KT600): Feature Packed Fun

Other goodies include 8 USB2. Thanks for any help Lt600. That caused a slight problem in mounting it into a standard case, because the outer mounting holes didn’t align correctly with the motherboard’s standoffs. Motherboard makers have told us time and again that FireWire isn’t in high demand as an onboard feature now that USB is so prevalent.

The last point seems a little dubious.

I thouht it was some issue with the disk. On Friday I found out that MSI Germany is in the same town where I work, so I send them a Mail asking for verification that this problem is known by MSI and if they give me a replacement the same day i give them my board.


There’s nothing especially significant to note about this codec except to say that it’ll offer fairly good sound quality for everyday audio tasks, such as listening to MP3s and even occasional gaming, if you’re not bothered by the lack of a high fidelity surround sound system.

I agree Toenne, it sounds odd. This move is facilitated by having 5 PCI slots. The latest incarnation of these annoying fans contain LEDs, presumably for the windowed case crowd. BUT, the system makes the old know “niii” noise for half second The following error or errors occurred while this message: Winter and Sata disk came at the same time.

Summary for MSI KTDelta Cold Boot problem and solution

Promise’s hybrid PDC controller amalgamates both standards from one chip. DDR running, though, requires that a maximum of 4 banks can be filled. The cold boot problem has been fixed by MSI.

Its been almost 3 weeks and no response from them I emailed two extra times since to let me know the status. Please login or register. I, ve something around degree celsius in the morning time when i start my computer.