But it quickly became clear that this wasn’t happening. Is that 2Gb per slot? You have a mic and it picks up sound? I have installed the MSI drivers for my video card. The slow boot-up may be caused by too much ram because XP may be trying to reference areas of the RAM the board cannot see.

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The entire time, the computer has never asked for any audio drivers or tried telling me that I have an audio card that’s not installed.

All have a speaker m9vgm next to them. I will try to elaborate a little mai The person who k9vfm it to me will be getting a lot of earache tomorrow and I shall be insisting he replaces my motherboard with one that can cope with the memory I was sold with it. You find a Realtek driver here: So you must be doing something right to get the board to see 3GB!!! Or 1GB in each slot max. The reason you are seeing 3GB as your memory amount is because bit operating systems like XP can’t see more than 4GB, and have problems reporting that amount.

The whole time, Device Manager has just had the five speaker icons under ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers’ for the ones I listed above.

Specification for K9VGM-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

If nothing seems to work it might be a good mso to uninstall audio drivers make sure to reboot, clean old registry keys temp. I f you are using any speakers at all you are always going to pick-up background noise i. My creative sound-blaster x-fi k9vm sound manager has an option of making the mic jack an output under settings button, you might want to check that out. Please login or register.


I have indeed restored to an earlier date and got nothing but the same issue. Did you per chance move the hard disk with Windows over from a different system?

Help Cant enable Onboard Audio ( MSI K9VGM-V )

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, as well as the muting of the mic in audio properties. But it quickly became clear that this wasn’t happening. I am now set up and everything is working fine. I have added in a Linksys wireless receiver which was updated through Windows Update, as well as a Soundblaster Audigy 2.

Works great except now for some reason my K9vggm is picking up whatever my Line Out has playing such as music, game sfx etc. To where is it connected? After Windows you install motherboard drivers, sound drivers, network drivers. At first, this booted up and I thought I might get away with it because all it was asking me to do was re-validate my copy.

Is perhaps the CD-device connected with a small wire to the sound card of the motherboard? How about these helping questions?

The drivers weren’t recognising the mainboard and wouldn’t install, neither would the NVidia drivers. I’m normally able to deal with this issue upon a new install, but I’m stumped with this. I always say one should not have any expansion cards and no USB extras when installing Windows. All I have in Mis Manager is what I listed above.


MSI K9VGM-V, AM2+, AMD Motherboard

EZCool W, no idea about amp ratings It also happens when nothing is plugged in, for instance, lets say the mic is in but the speakers or headphones aren’t and winamp is playing music I am using XP Pro, Windows Update is turned 9kvgm and have not updated it so do not think that is the problem.

That being the case you might be able to adjust the mic volume on recording side of sound options or a lot of newer sound cards offer a noise canceling option on the mic properties area of aftermarket sound manager.

Right now, I’ve just installed XP from scratch again and have installed nothing except the latest drivers via the MSI online updater thing I removed the other sound card and wireless receiver and left the machine as I got it. Home Help Search Login Register.

Basically, I didn’t get an answer about whether my board can only take 2GB RAM in total, or per slot- it must mean in total. Or can it only handle 2 x 1Gb sticks??