Dota2 Beyond the Summit viewers CS: No hate speech, spam, or harassment. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a ban at mod’s discretion. The lid of the Wheel Mouse Optical’s entirely unremarkable, but its tail-light piece is a separate bit of plastic. Official Mouse Reps These are official company reps.

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I use mousekan mouse under RedHat 7. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you just dropped your hand onto either of them in the dark, you’d have a hard time telling them apart without fondling the buttons a bit.

Greater Precision Page 5: Wheel Mouse Optical This is Microsoft’s current entry level optical wheelie-mouse, but it’s still not a bargain-basement product. The sensor doesn’t wear out, the LED that illuminates the surface under the mouse has a life expectancy ofhours, and there are no rollers that get scratched from multiple cleanings and end up unreliable.

Rest assured that we get no kick backs from any company listed, if you wish to be represented send us proof of your connection logitech mouseman optical dual sensor logitdch company official email or something similar and we can add your name to the side where mousemwn small but active and growing user base can contact you.

Dota2 Beyond the Summit viewers CS: If you wish to be represented send us wensor of your connection to a company official email or something similar and we will verify you. Personally I use a G5 and am very happy with that.


No, cordless mice are usually disliked Overall rating of mouse by esr users: The trouble with optical mouses, though, sensod that it’s hard to sell people a new one every year.

Genuine Logitech Mouseman Optical Dual Sensor Mouse M/n M-bl63b A37

Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. These are official company reps. There are, by the way, new features in the IntelliPoint driver software that Microsoft are bundling with their current mouses, but there’s no need to spend a cent to get that.

The basic design is very similar — this is a tilted, asymmetrical, right-hand-only mouse with senxor thumb buttons on the left side — but the new version has this NCCE thing going on.

Genuine Logitech Mouseman Optical Dual Sensor Mouse M/n M-bl63b A37 | eBay

Logitech’s Dual Optical MouseMan. The web wheel menu is also pre-programmed with 5 websites, opticcal of which you can access directly from the menu without having to open a browser first.

So, if you’re in the business of making optical mouses and you’d like to actually sell them, rather than give ’em away for free, there are two ways you can go. Microsoft’s page for the IntelliMouse Explorer. Decent price, very comfortable, works fine on PC or Museman with or without Microsoft’s fancy IntelliPoint software installed.

Microsoft’s page for the Wheel Mouse Optical. I remember when mouses had balls. No clicks Friction rating: Please do not abuse or spam them. But why would you want to even install the software in the first place? These twin sensors are supposed to deliver “maximum precision”, for “intelligent tracking on a variety of surfaces”, with a “dynamic transition system for increased precision”.


It moves with exceptional smoothness and repositions itself to a fraction of an inch after long movements. Which is more than can opyical said for the other two mouses in this comparison.

People like me who use a mouse for many hours a day may manage to wear out an optical mouse inside a year, but only by breaking conductors in the cable through repeated bending, or similar relatively far-fetched means. In fact, the Dual mouse can be used on any kind of surface – even a translucent grey plastic folder with a slightly raised grid pattern on the surface did not hinder its performance, although its rivals threw in the towel.

What you might find logitech mouseman optical dual sensor annoying about the MouseMan Dual Optical is that it weighs noticeably more than the Microsoft opposition.

Opitcal in point, I opted to do a clean reformat and reinstall on my home system not too long ago. The original IntelliEye mouses took images per second of the surface below them; the second version ones took Oh, and on their page for itLogitech go on to say that the dual sensor mouse is “designed for real hands”.