Hi, I have the same issues. The SATA port is the most likely candidate for such use. I’m not sure if doing this would void the warranty or what. Does the DCH format it automatically? If you do have FireWire, you need to determine the type and size of the the FireWire connector on your machine. Firewire Driver for DCH

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These devices sit working for a long time and can suck up a lot of dust especially in an environment with pets, smoking, or windows kept open.

My Motorola HD cable box has Ethernet. What for?

As you can see that the original poster added more info to the original post to make things more clearer and firewide made things entirely different. I can’t really blame the cable companies; it would be a customer service nightmare trying to support all these features.

Capturing from STB with firewire. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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As I mentioned, the box did come from Cox, and as I saw in your guide, it probably wouldn’t work either way. Crystal Lake, IL Posts: My service provider is comcast and they didn’t even know what a firewire port is. Sat Nov 12, 7: So I dusted off an old iMac, which runs using OS Do a google search and you can’t miss it Just plug a firewire cable into the port on the back of the cable box and one into the laptop, tell SDK how long the recording is and hit start.


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I do have a DCH box, so it should work out I get none of that. The reset information below should only be done at your own risk!! girewire

They have provisions for connecting additional storage. If you do have FireWire, you need to determine the type and size of the the FireWire connector on your machine. The time now is But I would imagine that if I installed a video capture card that the card would then ask me to select an input and then I could select the Motorola?

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I’m not sure if doing this would void the warranty or what. This works well for archiving specific shows or movies but the process has to happen in realtime which is a drag.

If you can post a picture of the FireWire port, I’ll be able to identify it. How to use a Motorola DVR.


This should not erase your user settings or delete your stored recordings on the DVR. I tried an external USB drive. Why can Dishnetwork and directv allow one to extend the DVR memory and cable cannot?

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How to use a Motorola DVR/Resets

So, I have a few questions. I only have 2 that do.

That’s probably what I am going to do, knowing that I will only be able to copy from an SD source. You should post a picture of the outputs so that I can identify them. Anyone else know anything more about this? Most of the newer models all are networked media extenders– so you can watch programs recorded on a DVR in one room on another unit, if they are both or all connected to the network; you can connect to your media PC, etc.

So I would connect one end to the cable box and the other to my computer, but how exactly do I transfer my recorded shows to my hard drive? Thanks for all your info.