Documents are stored within a collection and having looked at creating and getting a collection, we’ll move on to inserting new documents in a collection. The MongoServer class is used to provide more control over the driver. There is none for creating a database because once you pick a database and insert data into it, it automatically creates the database. NET types and BsonValues. This example is taken from page 87 of MongoDB: Net classes for them.

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The gist of WriteConcern is that after an InsertRemoveSave or Update message is sent to the server it is followed by a GetLastError command so the driver can verify that the operation succeeded.

There is a concrete subclass of Cshrap for each of the values defined by the BsonType enum. There are several ways to obtain an instance of BsonValue: Also, there is a synchronous version of this method:.

This means that calls to RequestStart can be nested and the right thing will happen.

NET types to BsonValue:. If you download the. Here are some common ways of creating ObjectId values:.

Getting Started With MongoDB – MongoDB With C#

Instances of this class are thread safe. In this tutorial series, we’ll be working with the C driver. Add student2 ; newStudents. Bson package which represent a BSON Document and with this type, we can work with any shape of data from the database.


MongoDB CSharp Driver

This makes it really easy to handle optional elements without having to write any if statements or conditional expressions. Because it is so much easier to work with your own domain classes this quick-start will assume that you are going to do that. Use FindAndModify when you want jongodb find a matching document and update it in one atomic operation.

IO ; using MongoDB. EQ “author””Kurt Vonnegut”Query. BsonDocument Object Model vs.

BsonArray has the following constructors:. This example uses the Update builder to easily build the update modifiers. Aside from working with the BsonDocumentwe usually know beforehand what kind of data we want to work with and we can create custom.

The C Driver is available in source and binary mohgodb.

From the montodb, you can see that it issued an insert command for three documents and successfully inserted all of them. I’ll be working with a console project for this tutorial.

Working with MongoDB in .NET (Part 1): Driver Basics & Inserting Documents

It is rather tedious to change the setting of core. Mongodn default document type simply makes it more convenient to work with that kind of document, but you can always specify a different kind of document when required. The following example shows several ways to determine the type of a BsonValue: InsertOneAsync document ; To see this working, let’s start a mongod instance from the command line and run the following lines of code while monitoring the events from the console: To do this, we have to: Brought to you by Read the Montodb latest.


Otherwise it is assumed to be a new document and Save calls Insert after first assigning a newly generated unique value to the Id member.

Text ; using MongoDB. Other query operators include: The mongo collection instance provides methods to insert a single document at a time or multiple documents at once. Mngodb key to guaranteeing this is to make sure the Dispose method of the enumerator is called.

The CreateCollectionOptions specify settings for a collection, e.