Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply. And I built a Wah from an Area 51 kit. Ahhh, the infamous non mic’ed gigs.. The other was supposed to take up to 6 hours, after I got all the Capacitors, and resistors figured out the rest of the wiring was straight leads from the jacks to the switches. Rhythm was loud and fat.

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The official forum for all things Joe Bonamassa, guitars and blues music. My hunch is I didn’t put ground wires on the 3 pots because piledrivet were mounted to a metal plate. If I was bare foot I could flip the switch no problem to boost the sound but the tone changes to something different, makes a great lead sound though. I added the feet they didn’t come with the kit. These are going to be fun!!!

I might try a pedal with a preamp tube next time. But you got some really neatly laid out wire there. How do they sound? Here’s a gut shot of my JCM project.

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Ran into a few snags. I really only notice it on Humbuckers. I’m pleased to say with the help from this pedal most of those days are over. The first one was supposed to take 4 hours, and I did it right in about piledrivef and a half hours.


I think the piledriver is great with anything. I kkits they have mods for that as well but I figure whats the big deal if I’m playing a live gig and no reverb is added.

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Anybody play with any of this stuff? I was away on vacation and didn’t reallyt get a chance to see what you had going on there. Verdict is still out on the Thuderdrive Deluxe, but the Piledriver is exactly what I was looking for.

I rewired my SG with RS Guitarworks modern short shaft kit today and the sound difference is amazing! I’m really liking the pedals, but I haven’t tried them together yet because we have a 9 volt batter shortage in our house.

I hope that its loud enough. If I get that done I might record a demo of the sound. Together these pedals are great together.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get some sound clips of the pedals with a strat, a sg, a les paul, and a telecaster. Give us a demo if you can! We cranked up loud, and my jr is modded with a large transformer so I got 18 watts instead of 15, not sure that makes a difference but I was using a lot of it last night.


Or maybe I can get a tone control mod for it to add a little brightness to the circuit. Since the amp was slightly on distorted it did compress nod sound a little but the volume boost worked perfectly.

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They had a table, fancy banner in the back and brochures. Come on the Piledrkver sorry Idolbone just had to borrow your line. It’s very rewarding building your own gear.

Currently installed 2 official extensions. You are not logged in. If your amp is distorted already it will just compress kitts sound. This tone is thinner and feels more classic rock to me.