The pots are a bit scratchy but the thing sounds great. The first one was supposed to take 4 hours, and I did it right in about 2 and a half hours. YorkieDav Platinum Offline From: I’ve built some from Build Your Own Clone, which are pretty good. If I get that done I might record a demo of the sound.

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Telecasters and Strats sound very good with the pedal and I would modd suggest this as a tone pedal for a strat player or a telecaster player because its kind of a bass heavy pedal. If your amp is distorted already it will just compress your sound.

I haven’t tried anything from MOD but I’ve built kits from www. Now my old Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb on the other hand had such a great liquid sounding reverb to it That would help I think.

DIY Mod Kits (Page 1) — Joe’s Guitars, Amps and Gear — Joe Bonamassa Forum

I hope that its loud enough. And I built a Wah from an Area 51 kit. I really only notice it on Humbuckers. These guys were just at the Philly guitar show.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get some sound clips of the pedals with a strat, a sg, a les paul, and a telecaster. Some components don’t tollerate excessive heat well. I punched out from work for an hour and got started on the Piledriver. Rhythm was loud and fat.


They had a table, fancy banner in the back and brochures. This tone is thinner and feels more classic rock to me. I had a 1 meg cts pot in the bridge by itself, and a neck with with the same configuration no tone control and it was loud but not very bright sounding.

At first glance I really liked both pedals, but as they settle I’m totally in love with the Piledriver. Or maybe I can get a tone control mod for it to add a little brightness to the circuit. What type amp is that?

It’s a fun pastime. As you can see though its 3am and I’m tired so it will have to wait for the morning. The guitar works in all but all the pots seem to be loud when you turn them snap crackle pilwdriver. I still have to wire in the jacks, volume and foot switch.

Its sound quite a bit better to my ears. DIY Mod Kits http: Verdict is still out on the Thuderdrive Deluxe, but the Piledriver is exactly what I was looking for.


Mod Kits DIY The Piledriver Power Boost Effects Pedal Kit | eBay

We’ll see I’ve got a vacation coming up where I’ll be away for 3 or 4 good days, then next Saturday I’ve got a gig at a private party where I’m really hoping these pedals will be done so I can boost my leads a little Were not mic’d at this gig. Currently installed 2 official extensions.

Food is always a vital part of every holiday. Hey man thats some really nice work on that amp you got there. Unless you put a ton of reverb into it, it really won’t be that noticeable. I use studio loosely. I’m done with the pedals. Had a gig last night and Pilwdriver must say I only used the Piledriver pedal in my signal.

Really didn’t think a k pot could brighten up the sound of that sg. Here’s a gut shot of my JCM project. I’ve also found the 6,6,6 on the modded blues jr with presence cranked is a good tone.