Selecting a street or the centre of the settlement. Smart powersaveYou can also initiate this special feature of MioMap. The Zoom function is used to change the scale of the map. Page 16 You can change between day and night views manually in the Quick Menu Page36 or let MioMap do it automatically Page 64 for you. Use Zoom In to scale down the map to see less of it but in more detail, and use Zoom Out to scale the map up to have a broader view of that part of the map with fewer details. Read this chapter for a guided tour.

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Gps Position Quality no.

You need not open Itinerary if you run into a roadblock or traffic jam. When it is displayedthe function is enabled. TTS is what I’m specifically looking for.

The distance MioMap starts warning you beforereaching the camera depends on your speed. You enter the module at Level 3. It lets you select a destination without first havingto locate it on the map.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

As soon as you leave the screen, the selectedvalue becomes effective. In yourcase only single routes existed before, so they were deleted without a warningmessage. Page 80 Zoom In and Out: Ask your local dealer for coverage details. The Numeric Keyboard 3. Enable Speed Camera Warning Example: When the tick mark is missing, the function is not selected.


Plan et Index Le Glossaire. Page 55 some digits of its postcode, then select from the list of results automatically given bythe program if the matching items can miomal displayed on one page, or displayed onmore pages if you tap Done after entering some letters. From this point you can go forward down to givethe name of the street, then the house number or intersection, or backward up tochange the city, state or country to search.

Mio C210 – GPS receiver Series

MioMap will askyou to confirm this action. Save Password Forgot your Password? This works in tandem with the Mute button Page 25 on the map screens.

If your destination mionap in another country, tap the Change Country button in the topright corner of the state selection screen Australia and USAor the city selectionscreen Europe and Asiac120 select the country from the list.

Info recalculated the route. If the track is not visible, an underscore character is shown here.

Mio C : User guide

Mikmap can rename them and specify their locations. At first you mayfind it odd, but later you will discover how it adjusts the displayed information to thecurrent view of the map.


Tilt Up And Down no. Page 29 This field is only displayed when navigating a route. In both cases it is the most conspicuous mimap of the map even when inthe background of a 3D map view. All controls are operable by fingertips. Zoom in to have only a few streets on the map, and start tilting up and down to see how MioMap switches between the two modes in an instant.

The description of these modes will come later in this manual. MioMap will ask for confirmation before itrestarts. After that, the highlight remains on the item you have selected.

Mio C – GPS navigator Overview – CNET

Find 5 Find One of the most frequently used functions of MioMap is selecting the destination. The states of this button are: My understanding so far is that they come with only the ability to run their own software, and this allows muomap to install basically any hardware compatible software on the device?

Page 45 recalculated the route.