Would you buy this? Unfortunately, connecting to your phone and conducting a search takes longer than we anticipated. Bottom Line The top-of-the-line Moov features a clean look and feel thanks to its redesigned map and menu interface. The antenna is a bit fiddly to stick to your window, but it can be relatively unobtrusive if tucked along the side of your vehicles A-pillar. Don’t show this again.

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Would you buy this? It has also redesigned the map layout and slightly altered the user interface from previous models. Although most of the changes are positive, the omission of the split-screen technology introduced on the DigiWalker C is a disappointment.

As there’s no prominent identifying icon for each alert, you’ll have to squint at the map’s tiny icons to see whether there’s a school zone, red light camera, movo speed camera coming up. Sign mip to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Mio Moov 360

We like the Moov a lot. Conclusion More so than a show bag from muo Easter Show, our feelings on the Mio Moov are decidedly mixed. The upside to the changes is that the previously confusing map and menu interface has been fixed.

Fast forward one year and it seems as though Mio has taken a few steps forward, a few steps to the side and a couple of steps back with its new Moov line-up. The display has a reasonable viewing angle and is usable in direct sunlight. While the new old interface may be ,oov news, it’s unfortunate that Mio decided to steal the Navman S-Series’ windshield mount.


Don’t show this again. Mio and Navteq claim that this should prevent Aboriginal street names, as well as Australian pronunciations, from sounding like a whole bunch of consonants and vowels being mashed joov in the Hadron Collider.

Menus are now clearly labelled and straightforward. We also had issues when connecting our phone via Bluetooth, often needing several attempts to successfully pair.

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With its menus filled with large icons, as well as larger buttons on the map screen, it should be a boon for anyone who mpov with the learning curve of Mio’s previous system. The traffic data displays what type of congestion there is — for example traffic congestion or stationary traffic — and also provides an average speed in the area to aid your decision. View our privacy policy before signing up. Australian street names dealt with well. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Live POI search is a service powered by TrueLocal that allows the Moov moob connect to your Bluetooth-capable mobile phone and search business listings.

I need power and lots of it. Pros Design, traffic updates, redesigned map and menu layout, text-to-speech, Bluetooth hands-free, 3-D landmarks.

It gave us plenty of opportunity to test it in a city both with and without 3770 benefit of traffic channel, as well as plenty of smaller country towns along the way, where mapping data is often suspect and routes can get a little strange, to say the least. Moof absence of split-screen technology is a disappointment, as is its speed, but traffic updates, safety alerts and Bluetooth help sweeten the deal.

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Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience. While “turn right at the fifth street at the traffic lights” is miles better than “turn right at the fifth street”, especially on busy main roads, it’s still not mooov because there’s no indication whether the turn is at the first, second or, even, fifth traffic light. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


Unfortunately, speed is an issue: Membership is free, and your security and privacy moov protected.

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Live POI search is a service powered by TrueLocal that allows the Moov to connect to your Bluetooth-capable mobile phone and search business listings — more than a million business listings are available, in addition to thePOIs already built into the unit. We garnered it with all sorts of praise, from its stylish body to its good mix of features and value. However, menus are clearly labelled and straightforward.

NavPix allows users to navigate to images geotagged miio GPS coordinates, although there is no camera to take new NavPix photos. We do, however, mourn the death of the split-screen system present in last year’s Digiwalker line, which allowed you to have other important information, such as subsequent turn instructions, displayed next to the map.

That system also let users quickly click on roads to avoid, something missing in the new-Mio-old-Navman interface.