No configuration is needed, no baud rates to select. On some computers, the “ST” was too wide and displayes as “.. This may take a few seconds, especially when instruments are sending data to the multiplexer. Shipping and Delivery informations. The red LED indicates a buffer overflow, in case more data is coming in than can be transmitted.

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Please enable JavaScript on your browser or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Please note that mailing lists are independent from each other. Application Note Last reviewed: Some instruments have single ended talker ports, with only one data terminal. While it is there, we know that we can minjplex-41 you by email regarding that topic.

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Based on the proven technology of our existing range of multiplexers, we have taken the fundamental elements of a multiplexer and created a basic zero-configuration, easy to install unit. Start of a proprietary command. See Appendix B for a complete reference of the supported proprietary sentences.

Networking General networking Networking overview A network is a collection of devices such as computers, printers, Ethernet hubs, wireless access points, and routers connected together for communication.


Miniples-41 routing bug fixed. The number of this port will always be assigned to the same unit. If you are experiencing communications More information.

In this mode, the combination of computer and multiplexer acts as an NMEA server. The required MiniPlex-3 firmware and update instructions are included in the package.

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Please start by reading Improves reading the multiplexer configuration with high NMEA traffic. Some members of our staff can view mailing lists with email addresses.

Shipmodul MiniPlex-Lite USB NMEA Multiplexer Model

The MiniPlex-Lite will operate with any navigation software package through the virtual COM port created by the driver. This update erases the current configuration of your MiniPlex-3!

Satisfaction with this product. To preserve the current configuration, save it in a file first, perform the firmware update and reload the configuration from the file.


From time to time we improve the firmware of the multiplexers and add new options. Types of software installed on your computer varies depending on the method of installation More information. Docks, Lifts and Accessories. Accessing the audit records. Miniple-x41 to Cart Add to wish list Add to comparison list.

ShipModul Marine Electronics

There are two ways to resolve this overflow situation: To enable this feature, Hardware Flow Control must be enabled in the communication parameters section of your navigation software.

The first time the MiniPlexUSB is connected, the computer will detect new hardware and ask for a driver disk. Every new unit will create a new virtual serial port. Tech Note Running the R4 Software on a USB Port Like a lot of other engine management software programs that have been around for a while, the R4 program is designed to communicate through a 9-pin serial.

Windows allows a maximum of virtual serial ports.