A web-based groupware application that is developed based on open source technology that provides communication, collaboration, information and document management systems for organizations. Juzt- Reboot Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Upcoming features will be SMS, video conferencing and white-boarding. Already have an account? We advise our clients on how best to use ICT, human capital and global best practices that endure to accommodate their business or organizational needs. G, Plaza Damas No. MIMOS Smart Computing Sdn Bhd’s incorporation in February , we have steadfastly pursued our vision to become Malaysia’s leading provider of computer equipment and information technology solutions.

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Collaborated with the Ministry of Education for the development and introduction computingg the Computer Integrated Education in the national curriculum. Launched Makcik PC, a prototype portable computer.

We are looking for: Our manufacturing is based in Penang where we have asq ft factory.

Milestones – MIMOS Berhad

Its aim was mmios increase the competitiveness of the Malaysian construction industry. It is the first production quality C compiler that generates Java Bytecode to be used on JVM enabled devices, which include PDAs, cell-phones, game consoles, desktop systems, etc. Microlink WorldWide Sdn Bhd 9. Jupitel Sdn Bhd Concluded the year with the success in creating a business market funnel of innovations worth RM1.


The WMR functions as a wireless router for homes and small office thus eliminated the need for Access points and routers for internet sharing etc. To appoint local distributors for our SmarThumb. MSCTC is not aligned with any software or hardware vendor and thus insulate its clients from product prejudice in defining an effective solution.

RangKom became an Internet Service Provider, offering services to limited members of the public. Intranet Research intends to bring the benefits of having portable software to society. The resulting executables will be able to run on any Java Virtual Machine?

We develop and market AMPC. Intranet Research Sdn Bhd.

Service Lifecycle Management Solution iv. As part of Business Development, a total of eleven business units, subsidiaries and associated companies were established within the period of to MY call plan is reasonable and affordable for extensive use.

All in the ICT segment eg. Sakata Profound Technologies Sdn Bhd Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd hasn’t shared anything on this page with you. Malaysia Microelectronic Solutions Sdn Bhd The systems also allows for the fastest possible procurement of good and services. Became top Malaysian patent filer at Patent Cooperation Treaty.


Another product of Green Packet is SONbuddy, a client based solution that offers mobile users the power and freedom to form instant and private P2P networks, to stay connected, regardless of the nature and availability of wireless infrastructure. These events were heavily attended by Heads of Governments and industry captains. Zainal Azman Bin Hj. MY adds mobility to users as it enables call forwarding to their mobile, office or house phones.

Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd

Such a network comes in useful when packaging a solution for the client that comprises software, hardware, networks, services and support. Incorporated in and awarded MSC Status. Since its inception, RKK has evolved from a computer distributor to the forefront of information technology development such as e-commerce, m-commerce and contents provider.

These are applications designed to help you improve personal productivity and management, as well as mimow applications that help enhance the security and confidentiality of your computer use.

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