If a protocol is specified, the driver will load the mimcomm JNI library and use native routines to connect to the database. A connection is a combination of driver, physical server, database and a valid login. A driver can be explicitly loaded using the standard Class. Another way to provide connection properties is to supply a java. The DriverPropertyInfo class is available for programmers who need to interact with a driver to discover the properties that are required to make a connection.

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Begin by creating a new driver by clicking the plus icon in the upper left hand corner. MimerXADataSource should be used.

See sample programs further down for programming examples. After connecting to the database, all sorts of information about the driver and database is available through the use of the getMetadata method:.

When you install a Mimer SQL distribution, the mimcomm library will normally jdbcc installed in a place where the Java environment can find it. DriverManager class, applications should connect using the javax. It is available for download at http: Warning information can be retrieved using the same mechanisms as in the SQLException example above but with the method getNextWarning retrieving the next warning in the chain:. The Mimer DataSource class is com.


To make a connection using the DriverManager class requires two operations, i. To get the complete and accurate list of error codes, execute the following command:. A connection ndbc a combination of driver, physical server, database and a valid login. The next step is to select the driver for this connection.

If they expand properly the connection is working as it should. A driver can be explicitly loaded using the standard Class. Getting StartedInstallingConcurrency. If the login details for the user were correct will DbVisualizer connect to the database and display a screen similar to this. Pressing the button brings up a screen that verifies or not the connection. mmimer

Mimer SQL and DbVisualizer using JDBC on macOS – Mimer Developer

At this site, several other service providers may be downloaded as well. The list is introduced by a leading question mark? If set, load the mimcomm JNI library.

The protocol to use when connecting via the mimcomm JNI library. Note that this only verifies that a server is listening, not that this connection alias will work, i.

This example Java program deploys a com. The name of the database on the server required.


Mimer JDBC Driver 3.24

More information on the DbVisualizer tool can be found here. The JDBC connection string hint should be jdbc: Jsbc is usual for connections to be explicitly closed when no longer required. This class features the same attributes as described above for com. Troubleshooting Error codes If DbVisualizer gets an error from the database a message is retrieved from the database server.

Using the Mimer JDBC Driver

jvbc This field plays the same role as the portNumber field, but any string can be used for protocols that don’t use integer-valued port numbers such as Decnet or named pipes. Computer on which the database server is running, the default is localhost.

MimerConnectionPoolDataSource should be used. Alternatively, DriverManager, when it initializes, looks for a jdbc. By using the java com. From Mimer SQL version 9.