I have a chance to buy a jv3 s 63 inch printer I was wondering how old of a printer model is this? They were unable to update the firmware. If you need to have the printer in the same room as your workspace, its not a good fit. It is a 6 color machine running 3 heads split in half. Mar 11, 3 CL Graphics Active Member 0 16 Feb 24, This may be a stupid question but why do you need to update the firmware.

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Cata Apr 19, By then, the heads had dried out because there’s no way to flush the lines with the Triangle Ink hooked in. I enjoy the smell and the nervous twitches usuallt go away once I get a lirrle fresh air. Mar 13, You must log in or sign up to reply here. The Triangle JVS ink is a true solvent ink and will really do some damage if you don’t isolate the machine and properly vent it.


mimaku Luke Taglienti Sep 14, Okay, the s has 3 heads not 2. Cata Jul 5, It completely eliminates any of the chip on cart issues. Mimaki JVsp jfiscusJan 11,in forum: Mar 11, 2. Truthfully, even the mellower eco-sol inks require more ventilation than people typically give them. This may be a stupid question but why do you need to update the firmware.

Mar 12, 7. Mar 11, 4.

Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals. Firmware is not an issue. You can find out the year the printers was build on the rear right mima,i side of the printer. Similar Threads – mimaki jv3 s.

It is a 6 color machine running 3 heads split in half. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs We also run the Triangle bulk ink system.

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This site uses cookies. You will need some sort of exhaust system However, I don’t find it to jv3-1160 obnoxious. When I called the original vendor that sold the Triangle System and the printer to the guy I bought it from, they recommended that I remove the Triangle System.


BTW- Did you ever try the lava ink in your other printer? The JVsp has 4 heads, If you use the SS2 inksets the smell isint that bad, but would have either a scrubber or exhaust. Mar 14, Mar 11, 1. The difference with a JVs is that it has only 2 heads and a bit slower. The JVS is a workhorse. We have gone back to OEM cartridges as people have warned me that color matching may be hard on bulk kimaki.

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