Tell us what’s missing. Micro SD card not reading Plug camera into the computer to verify it has available storage. Needed to get free shipping: We will use your own cookie and third party cookie to improve your experience and service. However, both operations may be carried out with the supplied USB cable. I have just received the items in Greece!!! Remove other unused USB devices.

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Battery Status Indicator Recording 1. Finally, the CCD is an integrated circuit whose task is to interpret and transform light into digital information.

We are proud to offer you the ultimate tool in capturing and recording your adventures. Below are the compatible operating systems: Consider what you would like to shoot and mount accordingly. Never mind, you can buy it separately, a small sacrifice for a high quality product you will be satisfied of. They all look great! Turn Midlans – Mldland you have finished recording, slide the switch to the off position.

Once captured, simply connect to your computer and upload the videos to share with friends. It also includes the standard threaded cameras Compact and very light!


Once on your handit is hard to go back Portable and ergonomic By designit is very easy to mount anywhere, even on your side. Let us know what you think of your new Midland product at or by visiting us at midlandusa. Your manual failed to upload Be the first to write your review! Action camera lightest performance exceptional Full HD world in only 90 g in weight.

Features and Controls Features: Push forward to remove. XTC select HD.

Insert Battery – Open battery door. Dimensions and weight of both the case and the cam have not changed but the video and audio recording quality is unmatched.

Parabuceo more than 2, satisfied customers have bought around the world. Find below some comparative examples of filming with the two cams this article is about and a summary of the technical features.

Karras Marine Electronics

Features A single button for instant recording Located on the top and large and can operate it even with gloves Simple adjustments can be made directly through the switches located on the rear of the chamber Indications intuitive all indications that are needed are synthesized in the 3 LED: You must select at least 0 quantity for this product. By browsing our page, you understand that you accept cookie use.

Thank you very much for the tracking number. Outstanding performance at only 90 g in weight. The functioning is basically identical to the previous models one, everything is driven by a single button and three LEDs accompanied by a beep help user to understand what is happenning. Newsletter Sign up to recieve promotions modland novelties. It is a plug and play device.


Action Country-Midland XTC + Adata mSD 16GB (12 άτοκες δόσεις)

Or point us to the URL midlane the manual is located. It is that simple. We will use your own cookie and third party cookie to improve your experience and service. Home Photos Videos Fishing Abroad.

The submergible case has undergone several modifications in comparison to the early versions as it is now guaranteed up to 60 meters midand and not just thirty, The lower threaded tripod mount is now secured by four screws and finally the flat lens can be unscrewed to facilitate its cleaning.

For Macintosh we recommend Quick Time 6. Tell us about it.