Initiates an interactive 2-point calibration. The Touchscreen Interface on these boards are the same,. For example, suppose the display resolution of your display is x Responds with an 8-character identity string. It is possible to set the parameters to values that prevent future communication with the controller. In Format Tablet, the controller sends 5 bytes per point and provides the most rapid response time to a touch.

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Got it, continue to print. Adjust the contrast and brightness to suit your personal preference and working environment. These sensors are available in a variety of sizes.

Always 0 b0 — b6: Instructing users to touch this way results in a more accurate calibration. Follow all instructions and recommendations in the alcohol manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet and product label. You should be aware of the results of using these commands before executing them. Do not install or use this product in a hazardous location.

Most touch systems users do not have to use firmware commands to use their touch systems.

MicroTouch Systems Touchscreen Controller | eBay

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or microtouhc, for any purpose, without the express written permission of 3M Touch Systems, Inc. Refer to Table 4 for a description of each error code. If the Calibrate Extended failed, repeat the CX process. Returns a 6-character random identifier, which describes the controller type and the firmware version number.


Avoid using gritty cloths. This controller can be internally mounted in your display, or enclosed in a molded plastic case 3.

The controller does not support the command. Communicating with the Controller This section provides information on sending firmware commands to the controller and interpreting the responses that the controller returns.

The controller calculates all excalihur touch points based on these two points. When you power-up the unit, the LED is bright until the controller start-up sequence is completed.

Datasheet or block diagram for ASIC Microtouch

CAUTION To reduce the risks associated with improper disposal, which if not avoided may result in minor or moderate injury from ground water contamination: Be sure to follow solvent manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using any solvents.

This command returns a string of characters to help identify the controller.

Because touchdown and liftoff events are specially coded, your software can generate mouse events that correspond to what the user is doing. This chapter covers the following EX serial controller specifications: All 3M Touch Systems documentation is available from the corporate website at www.


This document includes information on integrating the EX serial controller into your design, communicating with the controller, installing the MT 7 software user interface, and troubleshooting setup problems.

Whenever you contact Technical Support, mixrotouch provide the following information: Table 8 General Packet Formats Byte 1 Bits 0 — 7 b0 — b6: You should be aware of the results before executing any firmware commands. The description of each command includes the command syntax, the default value, how the command works, and the expected response from the controller.

3M MicroTouch Controller EX Serial

Use plastic screws to mount the cased controller to eliminate possible ESD input path. To start up your system: Indicates that the controller received a valid touch coordinate point when the target was touched. OI Identifies the controller type microtouchh the firmware version. Enter the Calibrate Extended CX command. Identifies the touch controller on your system.