The unmanned stations collect and store large amounts of weather data and then upload the data at regular intervals to a backend host for analysis and long-term storage. For cost sensitive solutions, SP can be used to replace SPN, since it is the best choice among all outdoor wireless CPEs when constructing a 2. Product Guide Network Interface Adapter Micronet provides a full range of cost-effective and reliable network adapters to accomplish the quality of network linkage, ranging from fast Ethernet adapter to Gigabit adapter. In the coming year, Micronet will keep going on developing new technology such as the new trend of Digital visual interface DVI. Converter chassis, located in the data center, aggregates the traffic of the campus via fiber-optics, and connects to the core network. In this case, IT personnel would become more mobile and flexible. These solutions can be integrated with our Switch product line seamlessly.

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Besides, Micronet also provides Powerline products for digital home solution.

Micronet WLAN 11N PCI Adapter SPNE

Further, PoE simplifies the installation and deployment of powered devices. Micronet delivers a variety of solutions using Ethernet as a high-performance and costeffective application.

In some wireless communication area, there could be some obstructions, buildings or blocks which may obscure Line-Of-Sight LOS between the wireless access points and the backhaul infrastructure e. Secured and Easy Management: In the past 18 years, Micronet sold sp096ne of ports to customers worldwide.

Converter chassis, located in the data center, aggregates the traffic of the campus via fiber-optics, and connects to the core network. With the market accepting these products, Micronet is ssp906ne this space and believes that remote management is set to sp906ns popular in market. The customer can use SP to work as an outdoor wireless bridge, access point, gateway or even the access client through its simple sp906en friendly web configuration within seconds.


Besides, single registration account is needed for all users to make calls, and there’s no need for more accounts that charge for each. The software includes real time video monitoring, recording, playback, event alert management functionalities and so on.

With builtin billing mechanism and receipt-printing features, SP is an excellent tool to generate revenue stream from public Internet services. These products help you generate extra revenue via internet access services.

With various authentication methods and firewall policies, administrators can easily manage and enhance system security. Micronet IP Telephony solution saves your cost of long distance calls.

Micronet WLAN 11N PCI Adapter SP906NE

SPN is equipped with outstanding administration capability which allows users to remotely monitor and control the device and record its status. Micronet is committed to improving print server of stability and compatibility. A centralized power management system, with power redundancy, ensures non-stop operation. Product specification is subject to change without prior notice.

SP supports video streaming, and real time high quality video display via wireless transmission. The local and remote sites need to be very reliable so that both of them can fulfill each other without building a huge single central hub. Wireless Output Power Max. This wireless kicronet supports two types of WPS: It allows multimode and single-mode for different transmission distance, and provides flexibility for different applications.

Besides, SP provides an audio port to enhance the entertainment experience by connecting it to mkcronet external speaker. With Micronet Ethernet switches and adapters, the network infrastructure could be easily established, providing SOHO and enterprise users a fast Micronet Broadband Internet solution fits the emerging demand of ADSL broadband communication.


The very fact that multifunction printers have printer, copier and scanner all enclosed in the same unit offers a powerful combination of functionality and compactness.

These APs can be deployed in different floors. Beside, they enhance your network security and reduce maintenance cost. Complete solutions with a variety of speed and fiber type provide great flexibility for the network infrastructure.

Not being restricted by time and space, the administrators can assert tighter control over the enterprise network system. Furthermore, Micronet surveillance product are all friendly and easy for the installation.

QoS Quality of Service is the ability to provide different priority to different applications, users, or data flows, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow. If one link fails, the risk is all other activities from this network will become unpredictable. Product Guide Industrial Ethernet Manufacturing Automation Optimized manufacturing with reliable Industrial Switch at factory Automation has kept manufacturer competitive, but it can be difficult to achieve reliable communication amongst the specialized devices and protocols.

No breaker is allowed between any two powerline nodes. You don’t have to select encryption mode and input a long encryption pass phrase every time during setting sp906me a wireless client.