If you will want to not sell your shambler and hellsing at polis, I recommend keeping the shambler and the hellsing here, and sell only the hellsing at defence you will get another one at black station , this way, you can have a shotgun at the lurker section and you will keep the extended barrer for increased damage and range, which comes in handy and is expensive to buy later. Yea I came close to rage quitting and uninstalling Metro , its so damn clunky and tedious. Shotgun is very short-ranged. No, create an account now. One in Defense level, in the secret cache with two safes where you get a Moral Point , near a body. That’s how I found it easier to kill Lurkers than to kill librarians; just always be on guard, never have your back turned in one direction for too long, and use short bursts the few times that they actually manage to get close enough to dare to try to leap at you. Just keep pumping it until he stops.

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But in normal difficulty mutants are in fact stronger because they have a lot of HP but they still do some damage unlike in hardcore mode when you volr kill most mutants with a well placed headshot.

Making the situation a helsinh more finicky, the Helsing’s pressure gauge is somewhat hard to read compared to the blatantly-obvious Tihar’s. It irritated me in the first game that only the Tihar and the Volt Gun used helsiny bearings, and even less guns use them in this, as the volt gun is gone.


You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Weapons in Metro are divided into several categories: Do you already have an account?

If you pump to red you get a more powerful shot, but it won’t hold the over-charge long. Metro Redux Store Page. Does a vold driver do more damage via body shots then the pnumatic gun and the double barrel?

I too found the Kalash to be quite overkill on ranger hardcore. Its laser sight and easily visible magazine capacity negates the HUD removal disadvantage of hardcore mode.

Helsing weapon – opinions? – Metro: Last Light Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

Mar 19, Messages: Keep me logged in on this device. This current sets up a net magnetic field oriented “up”, relative to the rails. Discussion in ‘ Metro Forums ‘ started by andybecciFeb 4, It can fire a total of 17 ball bearings from full charge including super charge before a recharge is necessary. It works very much in the same way the Tihar does, so the guns are frequently compared to one another, as both hlsing stealth weapons with an emphasis on marksmanship.

What is the best gun in Metro 2033?

Make sure to have your shotgun in the first or third slot before leaving Church, as your second slot weapon will be replaced by the Flamethrower in the first part of the chapter. Once again, it is possible to fire military grade rounds in rifles, though they are now much more powerful, having an incendiary effect that can set enemies ablaze.

That pnumatic is cool and all, but its not a 1 shot like the volt driver. This shot is virtually impossible to take he,sing the Helsing; the bulb is too small a target, and even with the Helsing fully-pressurized, you will find yourself habitually unable to shoot out this light with the Helsing. Load up for free. Last Light, and helding upcoming Metro: It is actually overpowered to a point where one can reliably murder every single person in levels like Dry, Outpost, Frontline or Black Station without ever raising an alarm or even a bit of suspicion.


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A standard Helsing with no scope. The Volt Driver is good for keeping the game unbroken. The Helsing is a fantastic weapon for stealthy folks, and resourceful metro dwellers as well. I have throwing knives, but they are not very usable for anything but silencing lone sentries.

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Metro 2033 pneumatic gun making me go CRAZY (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

Added into the guide. The second time I also used the Kalash and did all the weapons changes like in the first time, and I also used this DLC automatic shotgun, that shotgun worked as a beauty against every type of enemy specially librarians and destroying these biomass spawns. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, metrl contact Steam Support. The arrows are mostly found on walls, target ranges, or sometimes, windowsills and other Helsings.

Jul 15, Messages: Crossbow Helsing conversion aimed in first person perspective.