The process of creating the database alias writes all of the database connection information to a configuration file called tnsnames. If you use this method, then Impala silently truncates your value to 2,, rows. This includes data, usernames, passwords etc. If you are using Impala 1. Unfortunately, Oracle does not provide an uninstaller for the Oracle 8 Client; you must uninstall manually.

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But you have to always be aware of the kind of SQL that is made by your front end tool.

Administering the ColdFusion Server Chapter 4: Otherwise, the original Oracle version will be loaded, resulting in an error. For example, to update the variable odhc the driver on Linux: See Trademarks for appropriate markings. Customization Enable scrollable cursors — Enables scrollable cursors for the data source.

In some cases, connection problems can be solved by clearing your system of the Oracle 8 Client and reinstalling it.

You can define the default settings in obis. EXE program that comes with your ODBC driver to ensure that all your connections are properly configured and that you can connect to your data source.


Retrieved from otacle http: The ODBC drivers then use the underlying network protocol eg. Oracle recommends using the Modify the Impala daemon’s default query options method. For example, consider the following SQL script:. These settings are set when the database is installed. For the NetworkAddress provide the IP address or fully qualified host name and the port number.

To use the ColdFusion native driver for Oracle 8: For information about modifying your existing database configuration, see the following procedures:. The client connection meran designating the server and database you want to access. This can happen in several situations. Note Oracle 8 users will have the original libclntsh.

Description Descriptive information about the data source. See Configuring Implaa 1. Use the ODBC connection name that is identical to the data source name specified in the connection pool defined in the repository. The default OpenSSL library version has been updated to 1.


This includes data, usernames, passwords etc. CentOS Linux x86, version 4. Personal odbx Not logged in Talk Contributions. The most likely cause of this problem is a duplicate copy of the OCIW Installing the Oracle 8 Client. A data source is a logical name for a data repository or database. This variable is set automatically during installation. The steps that we are using here can easily be applied to any of the other data sources that we support.


The Oracle Driver

You may experience this problem with the Oracle 7. Support has been added for Oracle Database Vault. It defines lracle set of function calls, error codes and data types that can be used to develop database independent applications. Day 1 Support for any new versions Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles. My experience, however, is that ODBC can be extremely slow!!!