This is the most appropriate solution to eliminate the oscillation issue as the discontinuity point. If your application is degrees and if you do not need a calibration, you can also order the MLX already preprogrammed in SPI mode. Want to know more about how we use these Cookies please read our Cookie policy. How can i check that? Modify the next calibration date to a later date. To answer your question: If the magnetic field is too strong or too weak you will receive an error code in case you work in SPI mode, and a diagnostic output level in case you selected the analog output mode.

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According to one of your previous posts on the forum I assumed that device is in analog mode. Want to know more about how we use these Cookies please read our Cookie policy.

The user interface of PTC has a test program that is made to perform a quick check of the hardware. Answer The signal of the output die A? Please confirm whether we can use a single capacitor value for both modes and, if so, what its value should be?

Maybe the extra cabling creates some voltage drop or parasitic capacitors and the timings or levels are not correct any more. When trying to program the chip I get errors saying that I can not write to the specified address.


Question Refer to my datasheet of ,see the below: Release expected by the end of the year Then PTC04 user interface must be active. Also, you can order pre-programmed part in analog mode, but on degrees from 0. Most likely it is related to a programming or communication error.

Although it is less critical: The pins marked with device B meleixs not accessible by the software of Answer – In case you use SPI communication we offer preprogrammed devices. See page 1 of the datasheet Rev available on the Melexis web site. Stop loading and playing.

In case you have an older revision of the UI PTC, then you can start the firmware commander and use the upload firmware instruction. Setting Vdd to 0 V first could help. Mepexis me go back to the discontinuity and the oscillations you are facing around that position. The Evaluation board data sheet suggest that by default it is programmed in analog mode for o to degree but i am not getting any response on output pin.

PTC-04 – Programmer for Melexis PTC devices

We have to pyc-04 a redesign first to change this and this is planned for next year. The DB can handle single and dual hall sensors. The values I receive are wrong. You need a PTC programmer to change the programming.


I wired it as it is in analog mode and I measured on the output pin 0. Also, I need a pinout description of the application connector on the rear melexks the PTC pin dsub. Is this the sign of a chip that has been preprogrammed and locked from the manufacturer? Please check the manual of C.

PTC Programmer | Melexis

If it matches then the problem is solved. The transfer characteristic i. Of course when you switch the relays, you should be sure that there is no bouncing when the communication starts. The actual status is of course that you can chose the PWM frequency. There are mainly two reasons leading to a similar malfunction: Melexis offers the option of performing a trimming and forming of the leads in order to get a device suitable for SMD mounting.

However, you have only the option to melexid a 5k6 pull-up or a 10k pull-down resistor.