Yet Picasso, like Francis Bacon, is a mirror of our times. For Tomlinson read Templeman. His family home was Brockhill, Broaddyst, Devon. Your leader of February 9. He remained a socialist, and a member of the Labour Party, all his life, but took no further active part in politics. EU could ban bathing Bathing could be banned from many of Britain’s most popular beaches under new rules, unveiled in Brussels yesterday, which require EU member states to prohibit the activity nnlpw S tamfor ds for health and cleanliness are met Last year around 20 per cent of British beaches foiled to reach the mandatory s tandards, including those at several leading Tesorts. Qualifiers are strongly urged to submit their attempts even if they cannot complete the puzzle, since entries with several omissions or mistakes are likely to be admitted.

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Debate on the Royal Navy. I now fear that this climate mrfy be recreated. To call him unreasonable might be churlish, since he was ousted by those with whom America now expects him to co-habit Nevertheless he appears guilty of naivety.

Germany: Hamburg

Yvonne Printemps, he entered into a business partnership with her. It was very, very cold. Knan; Young L F: If it does not come to pass, then we will all be losers. THE writer James Rus- bridger. Cnaulrles la Chencry Funeral Services Lid. Assault case boy sent on holiday Y7k Kate Alderson A BOY aged 15 charged with attempted robbery, assault and affray, is on a week-long safling holiday after Stockport social services were unable to find secure accommodation for him anywhere in Britain.


Police said there were no suspicious circumstances.

Princess Man; Princess Victoria. There is no difficulty is finding appropriate settings for a reception for die Queen. I owe them my life.

Full text of “Law of trademarks, tradenames & unfair competition ..”

The steep increase in recorded crime had fuelled public alarm about law and order. What I fear is that they get hijacked by the militant left-wing groups.

His meticulous research showed that the royalist claim that they did so under duress was a calumny. The Croatian leader said the threats could lead only to more dashes. Along with a couple of billion others. The difficult decision was which one.

And it began at Sarajevo. Eight bolls is equivalent to more than one ton. Scotland celebrates years of its best-known product — Scotch whisky. Mr Major made foe point that the necklace was part of a collection of jewellery that had been donated to tire State by foreign dignitaries, and so was dpc personal property.

The area is the biggest site of special scientific interest in Wales and has suffered from overgrazing.


She was born on March The kit, which enhances the safety of the boiler, has full approval from the British Standards Institution and British Gas and will be installed free of charge to every owner and user. Avon, died after she fell from her horse and was kicked in the head when the horse was frightened in traffic.

Longtey and Miss E. He was lb at the time of the killing. Beauty has two suitors: West Sussex, was rpx between tbe eyes by his father Timothy’s double-barrelled shotgun.

Clotting of the blood is implicated in many common diseases: The power to extract a promise from someone to be maxtpn good behaviour for a fixed period or forfeit money dates bade to Saxon times. In his first television interview last week, filmed at maxgon secret location deep in the Lacondon forest. By which they meant that she had kept her head and managed to stay alive while a lot of other people put themselves at risk to save her.