No, I am not using Serial at the same time. What I would have liked on the product would have been maybe better protection on the RS port and also that signal ground would be available on screw terminal so I could connect it when needed. This means a simple ohm resistor connected between A and B on the PC side. It does get tricky if you want to do it non-blocking: So to my question. That could be the problem.

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I’m currently I’m working on a Meteostation project.

Arduino only writes data, the PC just reads data. You can then more easily spot where the problem is. And why is it working fine with USB power but not with an external one?

Chetan Bhargava 1 3 I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author. No success with first trial on vista: My mind boggled a bit reading your question. Amx485 has almost the same circuitry. With RS networks, there are periods of time when no driver is actively driving the bus, such as when one driver relinquishes the bus to another driver. Martin K 8 1 3. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


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You didn’t get any answers when you asked the same question on raspberrypi. According the data it should work on it. Now the software side: And let the Raspberry Pi unpack that string. Searching for computer for driver did not find suitable driver.

You can easily extend the USB with passive expansion cords, as max458 as with active USB expansion cords, easily getting an extra 30m. That could be the problem.

RS Programming using Python and USB to RS Converter | xanthium enterprises

August 6, at 9: I think, the pins with prefix CBUS are used for triggering the enable pin of Max which ussb be configured for it.

For that you need a separate pin to be connected to RE and DE together. Are you writing pin 2 LOW, to put the chip into receive mode? I dont have any experience with modbus and RS The USB port connects the Gnd lines of both ends.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. These things are pretty straight forward. The RS input is not terminated, but there is pull-up and pull-down resistors to keep the RS line at well defined state when transmitter is turned off there is 2. Put it to 1 to write, 0 to read from the RS lines. I’ve got Arduino set up, with plenty of weather sensors, as well as WH sensors connected.


However, I decided to check all my connections, and came across something weird. Not both at the same time.

USB to RS485 Adapter

I am also attaching my code, which works fine when I use it through USB. Another ohm resistor to be connected at A and B on the MAX side – so the two farthest end of the long communication wire. Maz485, is that the reason why it’s not receiving the data?

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Thank you, this article solved my problem with find driver.