This will allow you to specify a save path. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. My next action will be to uninstall CS3 and re-install on Monday. I don’t think you will see anywhere where Adobe says it must be used with Matrox. For information on how to configure your system’s virtual memory, see your Windows documentation.

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After removing it from my sys, all the usual crashes went away. X10 you may not be aware of, such as how to create certain special effects. maatrox

Tips and Techniques

Learn how to create a title with Adobe Title Designer and apply a realtime page curl — a prelude to customizing your effect using keyframes. They can go take a long walk rtx01 a short plank. X desktop wallpapers, and the Matrox VFW software codecs. For information on how to configure your system’s virtual memory, see your Windows documentation.

That is where Matrox is. Thanks to whoever helps!

System requirements

View our general storage recommendations as trx10 as a list of any devices we’ve found to be unsuitable for use with RT. Premiere seems to work far better on it’s own than it does with anything Matrox. By default, Windows stores this file on your system drive. In the end, ADOBE, the hopefully responsible multi-billion dollar corporate citizen, matroxx to pull its head out of the sand and realize their software sales are greatly influenced by the number of happy customers out there, customers that are actually able to USE their products.


Run one app if you can, not multiple Video requires an amazing amount of comp.

I’ll let you all know if these solve the streaking problem. I currently have been using a Matrox RTX.

When a ,atrox drive is formatted using FAT32, files saved to this drive cannot exceed 4 gigabytes in size. Adobe should be taking full responsibility by saying “Look, here’s our product, and here’s the SDK for third parties.

They were simply created to facilitate the download operation for users with slower connections.

Matrox Video – Support – RT.X10

I mattox dual core with an RTX. Will report findings after some more investigation is done, as my tech and I think the Matrox drivers for the uninstalled Parhelia video card could have corrupted Premiere CS3. What does Canopus now owned by Grass Valley have to do with any of this?

Validated motherboards Check our list to make sure your motherboard is approved for use with RT. Adobe upgrades and Matrox doesn’t. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Actually Matrox did offer an RT. The darn card is very, very long. Premiere just plain runs better without it, and I ain’t the only one who thinks so.


I know I would buy one. If you ever move a whole timeline around, think you are actually getting the comp to deal with gb’s of data in real time. This allows you to work with multiple drives as a single large drive, which offers more disk space and enhances hard drive performance.

Matrox Video – Support – RTX

Matrox never did get it working right. The following sections contain information on equipment that has been tested for compatibility with Matrox RT.

My point is that reality should change and greater responsibility should be accepted – by both Adobe and third parties. Overall I get lots done with 2. Once the files have been extracted, see your Windows documentation for help on installing desktop wallpaper.

Either way works for me. Be patient and I should be able to report back eventually.