If you do not have Mastercam X7 or later installed, you will also need to install the Wibu CodeMeter which can be found here. This may be due to a number of reasons. How do I change colors? These downloads can be found here: If you are using a normal hasp, set it to “Local” and “Hasp”. Already have an account?

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Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions that OptiPro’s Mastercam technicians receive. To use the Inspector Utility: I had a similar problem and get this – changing the hasp slots on the laptop got it to start working again. If your company is up to date on your maintenance contract, you can update your masterczm for another year of maintenance.

Mastercam Activation Wizard Setup. Click the System Inspector Utility link to save inspector-utility To register an account, follow the steps below:.

Posted March 22, The HASP key should be disconnected during the driver installation. You might have to use it to update your codes. Click on the haspx.


Let’s say you try to post out all of your 10 operations, however, only 2 of them post out. Go to the mastercam website and download the V5. Simply double click the code file and you will see a message that says “Hasp updated successfully”.

Mastercam CAD/CAM Software > Support > Technical Support > Translators

Send any comments or questions to support mastercam. When you install Mastercam on your computer, you are installing every component of the system. Sign In Matsercam Up. I was running both Mastercam 9. Same error message as the original post. Most commonly, Mastercam is looking for a normal hasp when it should be looking for a NetHasp or vice versa.

This utility is used to remove licenses from CodeMeter.

Open your web browser and go to www. Subscribe to eMastercam News.

Click on the mastercam-monitor. Well it’s obvious that Mastercam X has issues with Windows 7. This message will be removed once you have signed in. First, hit the plus sign next to “Properties” in the operation manager see below: To change the color wireframe, we would click on the wireframe icon and switch our color.


Use this product to install the CodeMeter software necessary to run software licensing for Mastercam. This will allow you to download and install the latest version of Mastercam. Tags for this Thread went.

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Can you tell us how? Installing this and updating the HASP drivers via windows update You may get the error message “CodeMeterAct can’t bind the license to this machine, Error ” when attempting to install Mastercam. X4 was the first version supported by Windows 7. Click mastrecam “Create report” button to generate the text report file.