Page 57 Section 5. The steps are as follows: Page 95 Section This command can be used to modify the property default values so that the properties do not have to be initialized to other values after a power cycle or reset. Page 8 IntelliStripe Command Reference Responses are the messages sent as a reply to a previously sent request.

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Page 41 Section 5. The device application must send each response within a pre-determined finite amount of time from receiving the request. Tell us about it.

This application deals with communications with the OTI module. The transport application must be used to acquire magnetic stripe data before any data is available to decode and present by the magnetic stripe application.

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This command is used to reset the device. The addition of this property is backwards compatible with such older products. This command mc; returns data from the most current magnetic stripe data acquisition.

Quality by design Compact footprint, rugged design, and low audible noise, make it perfect for desktop card issuance. This property contains the value of the communications protocol used by this device. The device is power cycled or reset. Intellistripe Desktop Motorised Card Reader click for more This property is used to control the magnetic stripe read direction.


Device applications are not required to support all generic commands. This property enables or disables the MCP error recovery feature. First, it is used as a stand-alone application giving the host the ability to generate tone sequences to guide users through operations on the device. Each template is 4 bytes long. This status could be returned even though erasure did not occur. Note The buzzer is an optional feature intended to be used primarily with the contact-less smartcard option.

IntelliStripe – Specifications. Smart Card Application 01 Failure, the command was not able to complete, see CondRpt property for details. Application Messages The following command ID values are defined: This property is used to control the distance that the card ejects past the middle sensor when using the card eject command with the normal eject type option. Data Field contains the bytes to write.

The notification message will have the same syntax as the command response of the command that corresponds to the notify read state.


Connector 0 is the User Connector, and is used by default magtdk the system starts. This command is used to power down a smart card in the currently selected connector. Use the property number of the desired tone sequence.

This allows effective addressing of a specific bit and may be useful for blowing fuses in some cards. This command attempts to consume a card into the transport to a position where smart card communications can occur and magnetic stripe reading is complete.

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Older versions of IntelliStripe products may not have this. A generic command has a common meaning for different device applications. The existence of generic commands allows standardizing on commonly used commands across multiple device applications. This application deals with the host controlled LED.

There should no longer be any cards in circulation that use this format. There was an error.