Do not route interface cables near any electrical motors or other sources of electromagnetic interference. Remote Scale Display Placement. Another consideration is that the scan zone must be kept free of obstructions such as enclosures, keyboard mounts, etc. Updated versions of this document. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: All documentation and manuals were developed at private expense and no part of it was developed using Government funds. Remote Systems Management is the ability to manage and control.

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Rss Expanded Fixed Length 1 Select the appropriate drawing from FigureFigureor Figure for your model.

Scanner and scale routine maintenance are outlined in this section as well. Upc-e 2-digit Supplemental Label Id Rss Expanded Label Id Rss Label Id Updated versions of this document. Rs Ack Character Good Read Beep Volume If you visit our website and would like to make comments or suggestions about this or other PSC publications, please let us know via the Contact PSC page.

These limits are designed More information. No part of the contents. If the cord will not plug into your AC power receptacle, the power cord shipped is not compatible with your electrical system.


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The safety record of bar code scanning is perfect after millions msgellan hours of use worldwide. Ean-8 With 5-digit Supplemental Code Length Control Additionally, the scale may be manually zeroed by pushing the Scale Zero Push Button located on the top of the vertical enclosure.

Maximum Static Weight Overload A maximum static weight of pounds 68 kg can be sustained by the 88100 without incurring damage or degrading performance. Scanner Diagnostic Mode Rs Host Echo Position the scanner s horizontal scanning surface inches cm above the floor.


Provide an easily accessible bag stand at a height inches cm lower than the top surface of the checkstand to reduce stresses to the shoulders, elbows, and risks associated with lifting products into bags. Should future revisions of this manual be published, you can acquire printed versions by contacting your PSC representative.

Owners of PSC products are hereby granted a non-exclusive, revocable license to reproduce and transmit this documentation for the purchaser’s own internal business purposes. Make sure the horizontal surface of the scanner is flush with all surrounding surfaces.


User Configurable Warm-up The user may configure the unit for a pre-programmed warm-up time that is activated every time the scanner is powered up. Do not position the bag stand between the cashier and the scanner, due to the increased reach involved.

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Follow these basic steps to install the unit: Horizontal Scan Window Replacement wrg Single Cable Rs Use Stx If you are not sure how to verify the amount of electrical noise interference on the power line, ask a qualified electrician to measure the input line voltage.

All documentation and manuals were developed at private expense and no part of it was developed using Government funds. Good Read When To Indicate Expand Ean-8 To Ean Figure shows a typical left-hand-take-away checkstand design.