I bought this to rebuild my wifes PC thinking it would be good enough to get her by for email etc. I put in a gig of memory and attached a gig sata HD. I am not disappointed. I bought this to replace an E-Machines MB that died. A Great Value, still waiting for my rebates, but it as only been 2 weeks. Perhaps when a BIOS update is available it will resolve this issue.

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And for those who claim that this is a good gaming board, give me a break!

Mach Speed Matrix P4M2MPRO – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – P4M800 Pro

That totally doesn’t look mATX to me. Do not hesitate, buy this motherboard and CPU combo! Page 1 of 9 Jump to page: I wasn’t expecting much, because after all, it’s just a cheap Celeron, but I benchmarked it with SySoft Sandra, and it turned out to be the fastest system that I have, saa a real P4 2.

One huge problem though – the Onboard Video is not able to be disabled. How much the shipping?

Half of the people say it is easy to install, do they imply that all other boards are hard to install? Normal clock idle is around 27C constant. Letting the supplied speed wizard extend the system to failure is a mistake.


Mach Speed Matrix P4MSD – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA Socket – P4M Pro Overview – CNET

Joe Canoe on Jan 20, Summary: We put Linux Suse on it and it is flawless. Nothing will satisfy a gamer, but this is excellent for the rest of us.

Let me tell you, it is fast! Built this as a backup machine, added a sound card and modem, with meg of ram.

Be sure your power supply is up to it. If I had a use for another computer, I’d buy this again in a hearbeat. Also it comes with monitor support built-in, and network card built in also.

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All processors will be inspected and tested upon return and any damage caused by poor packaging, overclocking, or other tampering with the processor will be cause for the return to p4mm800 refused, and exchange denied. Joker on Jan 06, Summary: I guess thats why it only has 3 pci slots, which is all you’ll ever need.

Congrats to the Winners!

Jaymz on Jan 11, Summary: I may never even bother upgrading to something with Hyperthreading which it does support. MrVette on Jan 11, Summary: Included drivers were easy to install and it all works! I’ve been using this motherboard and CPU for about 3 days now. Are these the oem celerons without the fan.


Please note that all processors may be returned only for defective exchange. Bought this mainboard and cpu combo to replace my p4,800 old HP that fried from a voltage surge during the hurricane Rita ordeal. It was the simplest and cleanest running of the three.

I bought this to rebuild my wifes PC thinking it would be good enough to get her by for email etc.

The review’s are funny. All I can say is WOW, this runs faster than my 2. It corrupted some system files trying to go too fast – somewhere over 3. Vargs on Dec 10, Summary: