When I was working on this device, I thought I had bricked it by experimenting with the firmware process. I found it on this page http: You may need to manually set the channel on the receiving node. ALSA driver can detect it and report it to syslog: CRC check failed, 0xe3c4bb1e expected, 0x42f calculated I tried installing fwap. I’ve also tried to boot windows first into 1 fw port, then boot gentoo onto the other port, but no luck that route, although i can see windows in gscan bus as well.

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Could not parse config rom of node 1 on port 0 no message buffer overruns in other posts I have seen there is another device recognised at node id 1 – so I am wondering what I am doing wrong or if the box is ok. Playback [on] I was unable to find out where or how to change the PCM channels. Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway:.

My goal is to get the hardware running in Ardour3 with both a firewire interface and MIDI controls working. My Firewire Audiophile works in XP although it emits a high frequency whine through my speakers, but I have no idea how to get freebob into Ubuntu.

I am not sure if I should do something else not that experienced with linux audio. I’m not sure exactly which version it is because I am away from my PC at the moment, but knowing the overlay it should be a later one.


Setting verbose level to Channels count non available arecord -D hw: Please read my previous mail for testing. Fix wrong label for 16 bits Raw Audio data https: BCD parsing failed Failed to download firmware no message buffer overruns.


Would that help any? Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. The audiophile firewire is not reported as working with ffado, and the best results I can see on the website are hit and miss functionality.

I am running Maverick Meercat Unable to locate package linux-rt E: FW Audiophile Bootloader I didn’t see any logs in syslog for ALSA.

Actually, according to Synaptic, all freebob thingies, jack and QtJackctl are all installed. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Call for testing final: Your ffado-mixer opens and recognizes the ProjectMix, but I am not able to see any reaction to the ffado-mixer sliders on the ProjectMix hardware. Has I said on the previous mail I always modify the mixer of Audiophile by increasing, or decreasing software output or by linking it on Line ouput 1 or 2 to have sound.

No firmware downloading, no flashing lights.

linux-audio-dev – Call for testing (final): ALSA driver for some firewire devices

This is a PPA, fkrewire means a personal package archive, and it adds an extra quantity of software like kernels or apps available for you to install using your package manager. About the way to install drivers, please refer to my previous post: Hi Daniel, I notice that I cannot help you without enough logs with which I can realize what happens.


Where can I find this magic number I looked into the source code of ffado, but I found nothing helpful I tried to test it with my behringer ufx, but Audiohpile am not sure if I do it correctly. Currently developers in related aueiophile follow this policy. UFX -c 16 -f the same above -r got rate I expected it will run correctly.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Hi Matt, May 06 Yeah, Windwoes is a drag, but if you can manage to keep a windows audiohile around or dual boot, you can boot the audioohile from windows and either plug ubuntu into the other firewire jack or just reboot into ubuntu. Ok to all of those looking how to upload firmware, it is possible, however it seems to me that the device is turned all the way down. AvDevice NodeID 0 They’re not ‘PCM interface’. Unable to locate package linux-headers-rt.