Analog-in parameters 24 bit And hey, what about us audiophiles who happen to play movies from our computers into the home theater? But certainly, everyone would like to know whether a PC can be used for processing high-quality sound at all, and what features such card can offer at such an incredible price. Others have reported this: I must point out that the manufacturer gives characteristics of the card obtained from operation of the card in a real computer, i. But what are both modes for in a professional card?

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LynxTWO – Products – Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

lnxtwo But it’s impossible to enable a limiter, though it’s justified given to the conception of noninterference into the signal. The LynxTWO supports both balanced and unbalanced connections.

Write a review wzwrqfxwfxzusdsqfqadda. The inputs and outputs of models A and C are described in the specification box above.

Lynx Two-b 2 in 6 out 192khz Ad/da PCI Sound Card

If you are looking for a card with the extremely good converters and minimal other capabilities it won’t be simple to do. That is why really successful products appear on the market very seldom. But certainly, everyone would like to know whether a PC can be used for processing high-quality sound at all, and what features lybxtwo card can offer at such an incredible price. And hey, what about us audiophiles who happen to play movies from our kynxtwo into the home theater? Maxim Liadov maxim ixbt.


That is why the Lynx Two can indicate a frequency of the master clock and supports synchronization for lyjxtwo sources including a special unit of synchronization with a video signal. Be the first to review this item. Reviews 0 Write a review wzwrqfxwfxzusdsqfqadda. It consists of a minimal number of surface-mount, low-noise active components and precision resistors. Differential amplifiers on the analog inputs and cross-coupled electronically balanced line drivers on the outputs provide high rejection of common mode RF and power line noise that is picked up on connected cables, which is especially important in computer-based studios.

One of the firmware updates has the ASIO support improved and lynxtwp error in the hardware dithering algorithm in channel mixing corrected.

Video 3Digests Video cards: The reason I chose model B is that I can use the six analog outputs to drive all channels of audio power amplifiers during bench tests with one of the outputs passed through a Y connector so it can drive channels six and seven.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. These figures can’t determine the sound quality entirely, but the test results agree with the listening tests to a very great extent. I find this a bit strange since the sound is a very important part of the experience, especially now that 5. I have a L2B card also, and have never experienced what you describe. That is a lot of DACs. I had to turn off the following in BIOS: Dithering is used only for recording because a reproduced signal does contain one of the dither types.

  8738 SX DRIVER

Lynx Two-b 2 in 6 out khz Ad/da PCI Sound Card | eBay

As you know, dithering is adding of pseudo noise of the minimal power to the signal to prevent correlation of the signal with quantization noise. The lower the lynxhwo frequency in modern converters using oversampling and filtering, the greater part can be filtered out.

I’ve been testing a LynxTWO.

But the displayed sampling frequency doesn’t actually reflect the one generated by the oscillator precisely as it is obtained by dividing the reference frequency of the converters by the oversampling coefficient. There are several features that distinguish the card as a professional solution.


The specs of the converters give better characteristics: The card supports both balanced and unbalanced connection of analog interfaces. Full plug and play capability. Analog-in parameters 24 bit Please explain the problem you are having. Forum Getting Started Purchase.