There is the possibility that your items may be blocked by other winning bidders’ items. All of these files have the. A CS-Mount may be ordered as an option. The complete source code for this application is available to those that purchase the SDK. Under the Windows VISTA and Windows 7 operating systems, the camera will be automatically identified and the drivers will be silently loaded in the background.

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Ccamera by clicking the Yes button. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Design, features, and specifications are subject to change without notice 49 Lumenera Cameras User’s Manual Release 6.

All cameras also have an optional external interface header for hardware input and output signals and on-board memory for image buffering.

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If an incorrect external power supply is used, it could damage the camera and void your warranty. This file will be named OEM.

Warning This unit is for use only with compatible UL listed devices. Because they are USB based, there is no need for a frame grabber.

You can replace the files in this directory as necessary. Help us protect your account.

Lumenera USB Camera User`s Manual

The Auctioneer has the authority to accept or reject any and all bids. Any dispute arising from this Auction will be resolved in, and under the laws of the County and State where the Auction was conducted. Design, features, and specifications are subject to change without notice 37 Lumenera Cameras User’s Manual Release 6.


The libraries are also compatible with Visual Basic, Visual Basic. Most items offered for sale are used and may contain defects not immediately detectable. All of the sample applications are provided for you to use as-is in the following default installation directory.

In such cases, a user may be presented with multiple driver options upon installing a new camera of the type associated with the driver update patch. For enclosed cameras, it is found on the side of the camera near the USB connector.

Support for these sample programs is not provided. There are up to two of these files for each camera model supported by the software. Net sample can be used to measure the number of frames captured by the computer for both video frames and snapshot frames, and calculate the capture time of each frame and the average frame rate. At some later point in time, the readout process begins, whereby; rows of pixels are read out in sequence, starting at the top of the image and proceeding row by row down to the bottom exactly like the rolling shutter case.

Pixel Data Format for 16 bpp 10 valid data bits for all Lw and Lg series cameras For monochrome cameras, each byte 8bpp or word 16bpp represents one complete pixel in the image. Several cameras support Binning with binning levels up to 8 by 8. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the software drivers and user application.


Select the location and the photo file type, then start scanning. The full source code for each sample application is included with the purchase and installation of the SDK package.

If the unit is powered via an external power adapter, the powered adapter shall be UL listed with LPS output. The function call is made causing the snapshot to be taken and a single image camefa returned.

The Snapshot button grabs an image from the camera using its snapshot synchronous mode and half-global or global shutter if availableand display it on screen. Again, the ambient lighting should be low enough so that during the image read out where the imager is still sensitive, the ambient light will not contribute much to the overall brightness of the image.

Update the software to the latest version by downloading it from the Support tab on the Lumenera website. The information caemra this document is subject to change without notice. This is because with exposures less than that, only a band across the imager is being exposed at the same point in time and when the flash occurs, it will only illuminate that region of the imager.

Connect pin 2 to a supply voltage, and place a resistor between pin 1 and Ground.