Support for servers with Intel Xeon v1 processors Table 4. Do they have the same performance or not? Please enter your name here. Click the check mark that is associated with the System x server in question to see details about the operating system support. External tape support The adapter can be used for connectivity to the external tape backup units listed in the following table.

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LSI RAID Controller – HBA Equivalency Mapping

It is possible that an updated driver set supports the detection, especially under newer Windows releases Vista, Windows 7, Server Patrick, This forum topic contains very valuable information, but the format stprport be maddening. Your name or email address: Support enhanced in version 2. This feature is missing from the rest of the controllers for example Adaptec, Promise, etc.

The solution might be as simple as changing the process so that the initial post becomes the always-up-to-date master and the discussion carries on below it as it does now. Newsletter Enter your ls address to receive news, tips, updates and special offers about Hard Disk Sentinel software.

See the ServerProven Web site for the latest information about the adapters supported by each System x server type: It’s a bit of an offshoot of the application I want to sforport on the site but I’m not a programmer so these things move fairly slowly.


Introduction Did you know? If you are updating the 208 then may I suggest: Will make posts for the, and in the next few days.

LSI SAS 2008 RAID Controller/ HBA Information

Sep 25, Messages: Fakcon had found the fix for this issue. Trademarks Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both.

Can you think of a solution? Your e-mail address is kept securely see our ztorport policy. Delineating obsolete versus current versus future cards would be useful, as would a set of spreadsheet-like columns showing a small number of the most important basic capabilities – RAID versus HBA, port count, cache level, etc.

Hi, I had found the fix for this issue. Part number information Table 1 shows the part number to order these HBAs. More snooping and now found these also. It has an inbuild Lsi sas controller but i am not sure if it can be flashed to support in IT mode storporr that I can passthrough it to my windows server r2 vm on ESXi.

Probably a better process than you posting here then me updating a single post. Download Hard Disk Sentinel. We need community feedback to make this as useful as we can for everyone.


LSI SAS2 Driver Download

Under DOS or Linux some hard disk controllers may provide more or falccon information. Recommended to connect only up to one device and disable AHCI mode.

Sign me up for the STH newsletter! Somebody know if is possible works this card on my intel corei7 Ivy Bridge?

Have to increase maximum post size to fit all of this now! Feb 20, Messages: SAS and devices taken from latest drivers: WP is great for displaying info nicely BUT WP is not so good for discussing, leaving comments not ideal, will end up with 2 forums to keep an eye on.

It is pending in Pieter’s name and I am hoping he gets to work on it a bit between now and then.

External tape support The adapter can be used for connectivity to the external tape backup units listed in the following table. In addition, the oldest storpkrt for me least useful information is first, while the lastest info is buried.