C2A enables you to control a telescope through a serial port. This driver has been supplied by the manufacturer and has passed all conformance tests report here. Note that not all telescopes allow this adjustment in which case Update returns nothing in the area displaying speeds. The following new and updated telescope drivers are available for SkyMap Pro. Click here to download the TakNJP. Show the telescope’s position with a cross-hair cursor on the map.

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Losmandy GMG Equatorial Mount

This was done to make the information available across various SMP versions. This driver corrects a minor bug in the version of the driver shipped with SkyMap Pro 4 and 5.

Manufacturing using computer controlled equipment operated by an experienced staff results in a degree of consistency and performance that is unrivaled losmandyy its price range.

Clicking the above link will download a file called “N5.

How do you Control a Telescope with C2A

When you press the arrow button with the left mouse button in one of the movement directions, the telescope will continue to move until the button is released. When setting the telescope’s latitude and longitude to match those used by SkyMap Prothe latitude and longitude are now correctly rounded to the nearest minute of lomandy, rather than always being rounded downwards.

You must use this driver; the standard Meade LX driver will not work correctly with the Skysensor If this still does not work, change the value of the Action queue which corresponds to the time cycle losmxndy the controller. You can also specify in this dialogue box if you want to manage telescope parking and sidereal tracking note, as before, these two functions may llosmandy be supported by all telescopes. At this stage, 6 types of telescope are supported: Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment, degrees, large knob for easy alignment.


Meade Autostar Click here to download the Autostar. You will achieve proper polar alignment with less struggle and can then lock the azimuth down once set. New version uploaded to fix a bug occurring when attempting to slew to a declination sscom 10 degrees.

Losmandy G11 G Mount

Please contact Explore Scientific for more information. As with all DSC drivers, the only capability offered by this driver is to display a cross-hair cursor on the star chart indicating the telescope’s current position.

Lsomandy are limited, and end-of-slew detection may be unreliable requires adjustment of encoder resolution. Another click on the same button or a click on the hand controller stop button stops movement.

This is a full-featured driver that provides not only ASCOM standard driver functions, but also user access to many of the Temma’s special features. Click here to download the sharedrv. Northern and Southern Hemisphere operation. Centring low speed Pointing intermediate speed and Slewing high speed. Just ensure you have all the appropriate software installed prior to installing this driver, aka all the software as per front page http: It should also work with TheSky6 and TheSky5 but not all functionality will be present.


Similarly, you can calibrate the telescope in equatorial or horizontal coordinates that is to say, you can tell the telescope the location on the sky to which it is pointing. This problem appears to have been fixed in recent versions of the NexStar’s software.

This driver was written by Mark Crossley mark dot crossley at dsl dot pipix dot com. First try changing the Position request value. When in “RS mode”, pressing the “arrow keys” on the NexStar’s hand controller will cause the telescope to “lock up”, again requiring a total reset.

It also recognises the StarSense HC. The telescope options dialogue box will be displayed.

Installing ASCOM

Older versions of the NexStar 5 are prone to occasional “runaway slewing”. The allows you to specify the different rates of losmanvy of the two axes of your telescope in accordance with the capabilities of the controller.

This driver provides the following functionality: For example, use 50ms rather than the ms default value. Added telescope optics configuration dialog Gemini II support. Available to backorder – Allow weeks for backorder products.