I believe that the original Thumbelina also came with a bit of stick-on velcro that you were supposed to use to attach it to your laptop. New York Sold by: I believe that this was the first to use Logitech’s Marble optical sensing technology. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. This odd-looking trackball is thumb operated and is both Mac and PC compatible, making it a great choice for anyone in search of a better mouse.

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When I recently made an traclman to clean out a storage room in my house, I was confronted with evidence of just how long and how strong that preference has been.

Logitech T-bb13 Trackman Marble Wheel Wired USB

It uses a specially finished ball and an optical sensor to read the movement, providing much better precision while eliminating all moving parts other than the ball itself. It has an optical motion sensor on the bottom and a scroll ball on the top. Used Logitech trackball t-bb13 good condition works fine little scratches see the pictures thanks. The smallest of the three, centered above the ball, is the left button, the curved button to the right of the ball is the right button, and the one curved around the left of the ball is the middle button.

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The drag-lock button on the Thumbelina only produces one event each time you click it, alternating between button 1 press and button 1 release. You can always tell the old hard-core Unix guys, because they will do just about anything for a three-button pointing device.


So that’s the lot of them, from the very oldest to the absolute newest, covering a span of well over 20 years.

Unfortunately it doesn’t turn out to be quite as nice to use as you might expect, particularly as a trackball, so I don’t really use it all that often. I never did find a place which I thought was loogitech enough and secure enough to do that. Logitech MX Ergo wireless trackball mouse I’ve been waiting a long time for a new trackball from Logitech. The overall shape and the size and placement of the ball are very similar.

I’ve been trying it out, here’s what I have found so far.

Logitech T-bb13 Trackman Marble Wheel Wired USB | eBay

I’m going to try it out and see how easy it tfackman to assemble and use. Double-click the drag-lock button and a mode LED blinks on that button, and it switches from being a mouse to a trackball. Not the greatest ergonomic design, for sure.

To save me from repeating the same thing over and over, I will simply say here that the “Left” button on Windows is “mouse button 1” on Linux, the “Right” button is “mouse button 3” and the “Middle” button is “mouse button 2”.

I spent a lot logitecb time on airplanes in those days, and the combination of the large size of laptop computers and the small size of airline seat fold-down tables meant that there was no room to use a mouse.

Trackballs that I have known and loved: A history in hardware

Kensington Slimblade Trackball Mouse – This one really is what the name implies, a device which can be used as either a trackball or a mouse. There is sun fading, it is in otherwise good used working condition.

See pictures for reference of condition and description.

Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball – First, calling this one “mobile” is a bit of a stretch in logitexh opinion, considering the size of it compared to the Thumbelina and Voyager. Minor Scratches in case. This was the first symmetrical trackball I owned could be used either left- or right-handed I since the Trackman Voyager.


The new PiServer package included in the latest Raspbian x86 release provides a very powerful client management tool. But after about a day, we found that this mouse felt more natural to use. We are not responsible for errors or omissions. Logitech TrackMan Voyager – In some ways this was the next generation of the Thumbelina, because you could easily hold it in trac,man hand and roll the ball with your thumb. The ball on top then works as a trackball, and there is a little cover that you can slide closed over the mouse optical sensor on the bottom.

Trackballs that I have known and loved: A history in hardware | ZDNet

We have done our best to provide information that we found on websites. It would have been so much more convenient if the cord had been on the top.

I recall seeing a huge table listing compatibility of devices and receivers once. This was before Logitech came up with the rather unfortunate idea of replacing the middle button with a “clickable” scroll wheel, which was introduced on the TrackMan Marble Wheel, and continue with many more after that. Also, the hole which was supposed to let you move the ball with your thumb was more of a gimmick than a practical alternative.

Also shop in Also shop in. Logitech really went overboard with the buttons on this one – it has no less than eight of them, plus a scroll wheel!