This thread is locked. Razer’s Huntsman Elite keyboard uses the speed of light in each key The new Huntsman gaming keyboards use super fast optomechanical keys. Kamalaleah Created on June 18, Kensington Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball – First, calling this one “mobile” is a bit of a stretch in my opinion, considering the size of it compared to the Thumbelina and Voyager. CfP ends on May 31st! Also, the hole which was supposed to let you move the ball with your thumb was more of a gimmick than a practical alternative.

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So in the following descriptions I will include information about what event is sent by each button on them. I’d like to map the 4 buttons in a very specfic way, but I don’t really understand what I’ve been reading.

[ubuntu] Logitech Cordless Trackman FX on Ubuntu

Now I just hope that the button switches in the TrackMan last for another while – until some vendor eventually comes up with a suitable replacement There is one significant disadvantage of this button behavior, though. Trackback specific URI for this entry. Here’s what the old beast looks like: The new PiServer package included in the latest Raspbian x86 release provides a very powerful client cordlless tool.

There are three buttons, two are the normal mouse left and right buttons and the third is a drag-lock button, with a little LED next to it which lights up when drag-lock is engaged. Oh, and of course the cord is gone, and the bulky cordless receiver as used by the earlier Logitech models has finally been replaced by a nice little nano-dongle receiver. Trackmaan believe that the original Thumbelina also came with a bit of stick-on velcro that you were supposed to use to attach it to your laptop.


Trackballs that I have known and loved: A history in hardware

Logitech Cordless Trackball M – I originally bought this trackball only because it is compatible with the Logitech Unifying receiver, and I believe it is still the only Unifying trackball.

Hands-on with the Pi-Desktop kit.

I tried all sorts of thumb and finger combinations but I never managed to do it consistently and accurately when holding the Voyager in my hand; I had a bit more success when it was sitting on the desk, but it was still awkward.

The second generation of the FX series, the wrist rest was now a removable add-on piece of rather flimsy plastic which could even be rotated a bit to adjust the angle between your arm and the trackball. Gaming Accessories by Lori Grunin Aug 31, So I decided to write a review of the trackballs I have known and mostly loved.

I did it like in this http: Other than going back to XP, any other suggestions? I just wrote about this trackball, so refer to that post for all the details about buttons, scrolling, connectivity and comfort.

That third button made all the difference in the world to the usability of the Thumbelina, because trying to click-and-drag in any other way, with just the two basic buttons, was nearly impossible. You can lay this trackball on a desk and roll the ball with your fingers, or you can hold it in your hand and roll the ball with your thumb. This curvy mouse gives your wrist the kind of break it deserves This curvy mouse gives your wrist the kind of break it deserves by Justin Yu.


For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. The Trackman Marble FX is the first mouse in years I can use as I do not have a wrist and can not rotate my shoulders.

The voyager has three buttons positioned around the ball. February 25th, 2. Peripherals by Lori Grunin Aug 20, However, the lovely middle button is gone, replaced by a scroll wheel that is squeezed between the other two buttons and which does double duty as a middle button.

The Microsoft Trackball Explorer might have been an option, but it seems to be impossible to get nowadays. The one my partner still uses, which is newer than mine but is still more than 5 years old, is still in good condition, it doesn’t feel funny or shed at all. Mattias on You can watch the devices output with xinput.

Related entries by tags: Physically the M trackball is similar to the original TrackMan Marble described above. Please ensure that your browser supports and accepts cookies, or your logitecy cannot be verified correctly. It has an optical motion sensor on the bottom and a scroll ball on the top. Strange that they have aged so differently.