I’m not as certain. Give these a try! I’m a huge fan of trackballs after making the switch, and I didn’t even do it for ergonomic reasons, but simply because I always like the idea of them and was curious. One of its products is a wireless trackball mouse. Rated 5 out of 5 by Lyz the Accountant from Finally!!

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Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman

Just plug it into a wireless usb hub. I have always liked trackballs, but some of my coworkers are completely awkward when they first try it, so if this is your first trackball, give it a little time, and you will soon be addicted like me.

Bestek’s smartly designed strip includes two USB ports, as well as cable and phone jacks. My ancient Logitech Marble Mouse fingertip trackball is still on my desk, and still could use the addition of a scroll logitefh and a few more buttons to be “perfect”.

I’m currently using a Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse.

Since most of the world uses their computer mouse right handed, I use my mice and trackballs right handed. It’s expensive because it’s discontinued. I had a trackball mouse and never could get it to work.

One more downside of the wireless connection: My boss tested my Trackman briefly after i got it, but got a M later on, as it was more comfortable for him. Give these a try! The standard setting for the buttons is: I started using one when my elbow problems started to get out of control.


In a blast from the past, Logitech releases a new trackball

Product Manuals Technology Guide: Anker sell a version of that for a very low cost if there’s anyone who’d like to try it without ooptical much. I love the thing.

Still, it’s nice that they’ve at least updated it lkgitech line with their other mice, as I used to use the MX-Revolution mouse until it failed, and decided I’d make the switch to a trackball, but the M lacks many features of the MX-Revolution.

I developed tendon pain short-lasting albeit on the upper side of my right arm in the 2 days that I used it. The most important question – notched or smooth mouse wheel scrolling? Page Feedback Click to open Click to open Click to close.

Logitech T-rb22 Cordless Optical Trackman Trackball USB Mouse With Receiver D25 | eBay

Either way, having a hub dangling from the mouse would probably not be very practical. While the ball itself is easy to pop out and clean, getting at the buttons is very difficult, and there’s no easy way to get even a fine nozzle in to blast the inside with compressed air, and even when clean they’re just not great buttons to begin with very slight changes in finger position can make clicks become unreliable as well.

Alan October 15, at 6: Sep 19, Posts: This is a difficult trackball, and you need to adjust the way you use mice or trackballs to be able to use it properly. Aug 9, Posts: Rated lkgitech out of 5 by Kellie M. I’m currently using their M thumb-scrolling trackball and while I love the ergonomics and the style it’s let down by the yawning chasms around the buttons that allow dirt to just pour in and work its way under the button, causing clicking to stop working or become highly unpredictable.


It’s Logitech’s most advanced trackball finger-operated trackball mouse. No sideways scrolling, the ball is kind of sticky and doesn’t roll smoothly, and the placement of the buttons takes some getting used to.

How to Troubleshoot a Logitech Wireless Trackball | It Still Works

Haravikk Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: That lack of attention to loggitech, particularly around mouse buttons, is something that has long been a complaint of mine with Logitech, so I won’t be buying this new one outright, but waiting to see more reviews by experienced trackball users.

This serious trackball means business.

One thing I’m realizing hands on with both of them is that the switches on the Elecom feel much more like the older TrackMan Marble Plus, which makes sense if they have access to the switches Logitech used to use.