Does any one know if the solution is as simple as Nuku suggests above? Surely after such a length of time the launchpad janitor should be closing these old bugs due to dis-interest? No summary available for linux-wlan-ng-doc in ubuntu yakkety. I then rebooted with the card inserted and it works properly; I can log in to Gnome and the wireless card works well. Kernel Packages Tormod Volden.

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These include support for IEEE Links from distribution packages to upstream project let distribution and upstream maintainers share bugs, patches, and translations efficiently.

To run Prism2 PCMCIA, PCI cards on Linux

Initially my wireless interface did not show up at all. This is clearly an upstream bug in the hostap kernel module. Tollef Fog Heen tfheen wrote on I assume the same effect for the generic kernel. Is there pridm2 I can do to help.

Prism 2/2.5/3 USB devices (wlan-ng)

Very hacky I know but it works for now Here is the result of pccardctl ident Socket 0: Station name “Prism I” Oct 13 The hermes based cards are incompatible with the hostap driver and hence the patch to detect cards with “Intersil” in it only. I also tried to compile the hostap drivers from the hostap-source package but it would not compile maybe I should raise another ticket for this? My orinoco gold pcmcia card stopped working.


Any news on this front? Bug is the bug I referred to in my previous comment.

This bug means that no prism2 or similar devices will work out of the box, despite there being perfectly good drivers in the kernel, and are even loaded into memory. Using the latest version of the tools is recommended. For those with prism based cards, reverting the priism2 for the pcmcia strings would fix this on the other hand it would break things for people having an hermes based card.

Matthew Garrett mjg59 wrote on Well it seems one thing leads to another. I don’t know but I think I should have done it to the pristine kernel sources so that the patch can be added to the ubuntu kernel patches.

Also, should I start a new bug that is specifically titled “Missing device product IDs in hostap driver” like in Bug ? prjsm2

It seems that some of the linyx identified by these ids may not all be prism2 based cards like mine. I can help with testing if needed, but i can’t help on nuku’s proposed ideas The driver has also various features for development debugging and for researching IEEE It would be awesome if my prism card can work again for Feisty i don’t want to stay in dapper.


The wireless card will work however if I boot up with it ejected and then insert it after I reach the log in stage for gnome!? This blacklist made hostap-cs module load automatically on dapper see [syslog dapper]. My wifi card worked well with the hostap drivers in dapper.

OrinocoMonitorMode – Ubuntu Wiki

So I guess a change in wifi driver priority. Could not read wlan PDA.

Instead I found a wlan0. It would be helpful to have this fixed upstream so that users of this card have the advantage of being able to use hostap drivers and the prism2 wireless access point facility. This fix should work for me and for Pascal but I don’t know if it will for others. You can also search for other untrusted versions of ‘linux-wlan-ng’. The hostap-source package is not usable as 1 It’s in the kernel tree now 2 It’s based on an old kernel makefile structure Add Intel device.