Density Modes You can set the print density from 0 light through 10 dark to your preference Form Feed Modes You can set how the printer ejects paper by using the following options. Warranty Registration We recommend that you register your printer so that we can contact you with product update information if necessary. See Figure 16, page Use the Control Panel to permanently change these settings. The battery charge is low or the battery is being charged. A return material authorization number RMA and proof of purchase are required—in the continental United States call Pentax Customer Support at , ext.

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Restart the print job. The print quality is poor, and the image is too pentaz or dark Raise or lower the density setting using the printer driver. Choose OK, otherwise the installation will be canceled. Make sure the printer is connected to an AC power outlet with the AC adapter and power cord or the DC charging-type adapter.

Make sure the bottom edge of the paper is parallel to the feed roller.


It is possible that your Printer driver is not compatible with the newer version of Windows. It should lie flat and it should not have a defective or uneven surface coating. You must use the black felt cleaning paper that came with your printer.


Page 45 The top margin is incorrect Make sure the correct margins have been set in the software application.

See the Pentax website www. The printer pulls the cleaning cloth through.

Do not use it to clean any other part of the printer. Attach the battery cover to the end of the battery compartment opposite the AC adapter receptacle. The print does not contain the proper characters Make sure you have defined the proper character set in the software application. If necessary, add psntax very small amount of a mild soap such as a liquid dishwashing detergent.

Or, try the automatic option instead. The image has light or white vertical lines Make sure the release cover was not left open during printing. Adjust one or the other if necessary.

Pentax Printer Drivers Download

Check the parallel interface cable to make sure it is connected firmly and correctly. Pulling jammed paper out of the printer 3. Limited version of GUI allows lniux a picture only one, you need to save only PEF or delete it before taking the next onelinus camera settings cannot be read or modified.

Page 3 Using the Operation Panel The operation panel consists of the main switch and three indicator lights.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys and Free Resources: File types with extensions that start with the letter P

Always insert and remove the interface connector gently. Close and latch the cover. The printer may overheat if you use it over an extended period at a very high print density.


Connect the AC power cord to the AC adapter. You will be prompted to insert your Windows diskettes or CD. The battery is recyclable. Reinsert a new sheet of paper in the printer and restart the job. See Chapter 8 for options and accessories.

Light print density may indicate too low a voltage less than A return material authorization number RMA and proof of purchase are required—in linuz continental United States call Pentax Customer Support atext.

Pentax Printer Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

For each driver selected, you will now automatically run through each install program, one by one, and then HotSync with your Palm. Otherwise, the roller movement will stop automatically after about 60 seconds. Place the print side of the paper away from you, so that it faces the rear of the printer.

The green battery indicator light blinks until charging is complete. You must select the version of Windows CE either 2.