Administration Most of the changes in the Router Administration pages are made to the Management tab. If you choose to sit the router in a vertical position, a substantial foot coated with the same non-slip rubber swings out from the bottom. Overall, its a nice feature to have included that will make a lot of advanced users feel much more confident in this product. If you want to squeeze a little bit of extra functionality out of your router, consider flashing an open-source firmware like dd-wrt, openWRT or LEDE. Other scenarios where you might want to reset your router is if you’ve forgotten the password or misconfigured it and can’t get access anymore.

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A third mounting option is also featured on the back. It would be hard to get such a feature packed 4 port router any physically smaller. Inside the box, you’ll find a 5. The cross shaped holes are for wall mounting.

This could certainly be expanded with a list input rather than text boxes. Perhaps your router’s default password is different than what we have listed here.

First we’ll take a look at the design and features of the WRT54GC, then we’ll give you a look inside the software features and web administration. Status Everything in the Status menu remains the same as well.

There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address:. As you can see there are two small antennas connector to the board in perpendicular planes and a small heatsink over the CPU. Make sure to read OpenWrt’s wikis to understand the risks and how to wrt54fc if something goes wrong. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. On-site I checked wr54gc Linksys PSU a small 5V 1A adapter with a multimeter and it showed used a paper-clip to poke into the hole about 4.


This allows for either many clients to connect with relatively little configuration or one client to connect to a variety of different network settings with ease. The wireless range is excellent for such a small package and doesn’t force you to use an extra external antenna, that as we’ve seen can far outweigh the benefits of its compact nature.

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You can also refer to the router’s manual for instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. Long llnksys are the days of multiple indicators per port for connection, activity, and collision or trouble.

Linksys WRT54GC v3.0

The defaults here are a blank username and ‘admin’ for the password without quotes. WRT54GC v1 Firmwares Staying up to date with the latest firmware is a good idea to keep your router even more secure from various security flaws. The design is very attractive and is a continuation of Linksys’ transition to the new corporate design that has shown up on all the recent releases. Users Manual 1 click to download. As i said before, we are still working on the objective performance tests, but subjectively, this antenna will jump a signal from good at 20′ wrt54gcc excellent.

It only measures 0. There are 3 tabs on the ethernet plug side, three on the aerial side, 2 on the front middle and to right and 2 on the reset flap side left and right. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: You can always try the manuals where most questions should be answered from the manufacturer. Modes include B-only, G-only, and Mixed.


Administration Most of the changes in the Router Administration pages are made llinksys the Management tab.

Compact Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54GC Review |

Flashing a custom ROM can greatly increase the stability and functionality linkwys your old router. It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it.

Overall, while the traditional purple and grey Linksys look is more recognizable, this new design trend is a good direction that tries to convey a more professional and study look. If you are interested in being able to deploy a wireless access point or router wherever you go, this little guy will certainly fit the bill. If your WRT54GC v3 router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset of the router to see if the problems persist.

IN the US market version of the router, available channel options are It does seem a bit limiting that only two services can be blocked per user policy.