Now I can’t find a driver that will work at all. Message 3 of 15 32, Views. Thanks so much wclannin! I uninstalled the Linksys drivers first and then loaded the RAlink drivers per the instructions above. Download the file from: It took a bit of figuring out for this poor user, so I’ll post slightly more detailed steps in case others are having trouble.

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That driver date is: It has the latest driver and it still doesn’t get internet connectivity. Will this work for a 32 bit system? Will the 32 bit driver work in a 64 bit operating system?

Driver Release History Last Released Date: Message 3 of 21 76, Views. Other than the Broadcom drivers that Windows installs naturally.

WMP54GS and Windows 7 (64-Bit)

Message 8 of 15 25, Views. When I had downloaded it they still had RT61 listed on ther, they must have just recently updated. Linksys site only lists 32 bit driver for WMP54G. Download and run the setup. Am frustrated that it is not working for me.


Need Vista 64 bit driver for WMP54G

wmp544g Thats just not gonna fly. Message 6 of 21 70, Views. And I just got a Windows 7 capable computer and got it installed.

Since I cant seem to find an edit button So if anyone has this same setup I don’t see any drivers for an item listed as RT Message 5 of 15 32, Views. Message 10 of 15 25, Views. Anyway, for those having wm5p4g with the WMP54G, this is a working solution.

Message 6 of 15 26, Views. Ralink makes the chipset for this specific model. Of course not as fast as Gigabit ethernet.

I purchased the WMP54G v4. I’m having the same issues as the rest of you with Vista 64 compatibility. You will want to choose the driver for RT I forgot to mention that when I installed the Vista 32 drivers the only problem I ran into was something along the lines of windows not ljnksys to run it because it wasnt certified for the device.


The Broadcom drivers are terrible.

Re: WMP54GS and Windows 7 (Bit) – Page 3 – Linksys Community

Message 8 of 21 66, Views. I’ve been trying for the better half of a nit. Message 7 of 21 66, Views. I downloaded that driver, but it won’t install I cannot get it to work.

Message 10 of 21 66, Views. My apologies for a double post.