There is also a video recording function, but the quality was extremely poor and we do not recommend using it. We’re not sure why a dedicated camera key was included with the main controls, as there is a camera button present on the right hand side of the phone. Personal call melody is possible only for groups, not separate numbers. All the other settings are standard. And LG decided it vice versa, they created a mass model and endowed it with a special idea.

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An interface connector is held by the bottom side, the slot coincides with the ones in other company models. The display is readable in the sun, though a picture is fading. The icons are well drawn and look nicely. And it is this list that is displayed when pressing the Call button from the standby mode. You can use several pictures for the player appearance, one of the five equalizers is set they are not adjustable, and personal equalizer is impossible to set alsorandom track playback is supported, as well as repetition.

There are several dictionaries for different languages and up to 6 editable templates. The market is now mature, and the manufacturers face a need to offer mode segmentation to a user, still mass products prevail, but niche solutions appear.

LG M Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Africa

All the photos were taken with the max resolution and quality. So, the devices are headset compatible. Phone settings excluding the screen ones are adjusted from this menu.


In particular, only a strictly preset m441 structure is supported, you can’t create own folders, the device won’t see them that is mainly disappointing in the mp3 player. For instance, memory cards seem a separate makeweight, sending via Bluetooth is possible only from some menu items video and a dictaphone record are m410 to send.

And LG decided it vice versa, they created a mass model and endowed it with a special idea. A mAh Li-Ion battery is used as a standard for the phone. At the first data input you see only a phone number field, here you can change the phone type at once home, work, mobile.

It is possible to save up to 20 events in the organizer and a date and time for the alert m44100 set. This is an issue which is fairly common amongst all camera phones though, so it isn’t a downside of this particular unit, but rather a universal problem which still doesn’t seem to have been solved.

Various functions are mixed here, for instance, the camera is neighboring with the dictaphone records and karaoke.

Such approach is quite interesting and new for mass products. All the sounds may be adjusted from here, from a call signal to a key press sound and alert type. However, the characters are always well-seen.

LG M – full specs, photos and more

,g A service indicator is also here, thus this unusual place has become customary for LG’s phones. Using the device without a memory card seems impossible due to little phone memory. The max clip duration is 20 seconds and it can be saved only into the main memory. As a rule, that is easier to do with a paper-clip or something like that. A clip takes KB of the phone memory, which is rather poor anyway.


You can set GPRS, select a menu language and adjust redirection. You can set work m440 for backlighting for each of the screens – 10, 30 and 60 seconds.

LG M4410. Live pictures

No marks are given, so, it’s of low interest. However, the last one works with some drawbacks.

Opening the device we see an internal screen taking the most of the upper part. And separate fields for Name and Surname are absent; only a general field is available. The LG M is one of many mobile handsets targeting the ever popular and growing MP3 market, but if you’re looking for a phone based on its multimedia capabilities, then we advise to steer well clear of LG’s latest offering. Despite it still looses to the ones integrated into Sharp’s models and Motorola’s triplets, it still deserves the praise – rich colours, and colour conversions are seen, as well as tints.

The gloss black plastic finish used on the M is different, and we feel it detracts from the handset’s character and looks somewhat tacky. I’d specially mention the backlash appear in two-three weeks of phone use, a new phone is clear. The M is marketed as a “music phone”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.