Here is the official Federal Reserve value for M2. This Blog Has Moved! Contact Information If you want to contact me, you can post a comment or E-Mail me fsk gmail. I’m not saying anything bad about the software or blaming you for my experience. Any one got any ideas?

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What are you trying to access on the SD card? When they couldnt get it to work over the phone they actually added Mobile Broadband to my account to test it, then took it back off againI was told to take it into the store. WldHognJun 19, Verizon phone software will prevent you from doing anything but Music or Videos.

Any comments would be appreciated. Check out my new blog at realfreemarket. Worked well, although in a round about-head scratching way.

It’s worth checking back once every month or two. Good luck to you and all those modders out there. This thread is closed to new comments.


This is my first question here, so any help would be appreciated. I’m fairly technically inclined, so it’s frustrating that I can’t figure this out. Posted by FSK at If you previously had an account toufh CPF, it has been transferred!

Problem using BitPim with enV Touch

Latest LG driver is 4. Download and Install the test version of BitPim 1. I realized the fundamental structural flaws in the monetary system and taxation system.

Just trying to get some lb from my computer to the phone, but I think I figured it out. Jul 2, 1: I also like the Motley Fool.

How to get bitpim working for Lg Env Touch

My script filters and sorts by line number and removes the line numbers! Bored Zhwazi – Has some nice content, but it really isn’t updated that often.

Welcome to Verizon Forums – the unofficial Verizon community! Then, I can also call the PHP script in command line mode. I’ve also paired the Touch to my mac and can send songs and pictures to it over bluetooth. Instead, there’s an open source program that works. Save file in appropriate directory. Be that as it may. I didn’t attempt to write contacts using BitPim and I’m not sure from your post if you did or didn’t.


I’m storing it on the phone, so I don’t need a wireless signal. I lost everything that wasn’t stored on my memory card, but luckily I got my contacts back because I still have my old phone transferred via bluetooth.

All you have to do is submit a link to one of your blog posts. I’m not sure if he’s come all the way og agorism yet, but perhaps he can be coaxed. Jul 3, Hopefully a new version of BitPim will be out soon.