None of that affects the computer usability of the Lenovo Lx Wide. Build quality is pretty impressive, although the screen is a bit on the chunky side from the rear. Setup was a cinch: Notebooks have always had a place in business settings, but having a relatively small and dim screen makes them a pain to use in bright offices. Dell UltraSharp Monitors Coupon.

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DisplayMate loved the Lenovo Lx Wide.

Viewing angles were almost unbelievable with little to no color inversion or distortion at all extreme angles. While we needed to tweak the colour, brightness and contrast of most displays we’ve tested in order to get them where we want them to be, the Lenovo Lx Wide required no adjustments whatsoever.

The OSD buttons are front-mounted and labelled with colourful icons so you won’t mistake their functions.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Setup was a cinch: Some even know that it has a ThinkCentre line of desktop systems. Everyone associates Lenovo with the ThinkPad series of laptops.

Lenovo 22-inch widescreen HD monitor an WUXGA industry-first

The power draw with this 22″ Lenovo LCD is three times greater than my older Dell 17″ screen, but still less than a w lsnovo bulb. The interface buttons are located bottom right-hand corner of the display, and blend in quite well with the rest of the display.

It also pivots for portrait and landscape modes. Pros Easy to set-up, OSD buttons clearly labelled, displayed deep and rich colours.


New Lenovo ThinkVision Lx Wide LCD monitors offer outstanding image quality on a large screen

The Lenovo Lx Wide produced distinct grey levels all the way down to the darkest level of the scale. Most of the power is consumed by the lamps, which have a range of 43w to 80w depending on screen brightness. Build quality is pretty impressive, although the screen is a bit on the chunky side from the rear.

For business users who might find their laptop pulling double duty in the office or on the road, this display would be a great addition to their desk. Would you buy lejovo The out-of-box experience for the Lx Wide was surprising.

The native resolution for this 22in display is bywhich is the ideal resolution for p “true HD” video. This could also be felt in heat belching out of the top vents that registers close to F from my IR temp gun.

Bottom Line There are other — and larger — Wie monitors available for the money. Although achieving the rotated view is sometimes dependent on the level of graphics card you’re using, Lenovo supplies the software that lenlvo do the job if your equipment is up to it. Colors are bright and vibrant, with full individual color adjustment to tweak the picture if required.

View our privacy policy before signing up. With image quality being one if not the only reason why people buy a certain LCD, lenovl will be happy to know that this monitor excels in almost all areas.


Lenovo L220x

There was no blooming, no blur — in fact, nothing to complain about after ad hoc testing on the Internet and with graphics, gaming, live TV and DVD playback. Black levels were very even, with almost no bleed or hot spots on all black screens. In fact, it’s probably widw of the most versatile monitors you’re likely to l20x across.

There were no stuck pixels, colour was deep and rich, detail in white areas was fine — except for the whitest regions, but even there, it was no worse than you’ll find at the consumer level. A spare HDMI input would be appreciated for external HD devices — it’s the only thing that detracts from an otherwise superb product.

But not many people seem to be aware of its ThinkVision monitors. In a way you could say it looks like a bland ThinkPad design, but who really buys a screen for what the outside looks like anyways? However, there’s a catch. There are other — and larger — HD-level monitors available for the money.

I need power and lots of it. However, if you’re looking for a really high-quality 22in display, the Lenovo Lx Wide will give you something great to look at all of the time.