Views Read Edit New section View history. She then speaks to Lelouch, leaving the viewer to decide if she is talking to herself, Lelouch’s spirit, or the driver of the cart that she’s on. It’s left for the viewer to decide for a reason, and look what that has done, it’s made a lot of people edit out the official references of Lelouch’s death and so on. CC had wanted to die for years and really she was only happy with Lelouch at the end. Well, one must die before the Code is activated, as proved by the example above. The story follows him till he finally make this decision.

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Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. You guys really are idiots you know that?? The interaction is not real, but is an internal resolution and realization of what that person would have wanted. Of course “Lelouch Vi Brittania” would be listed as dead because hes dead to the world whether he goes on with CC or actually died there. Awgon we go into Orange again as he is at peace with anya in the same scenery as c.

While it’s undeniable that Lelouch’s story has ended with a full stop, the other characters’ stories are still on-going, and it’s not like the world [of Code Geass] itself has come to an end either. Could an admin please add [[de: Thus, he turns one year old on Dec 5,10 on Dec 518 on Dec 5, With that said, I think it would be prudent to add a small line or two stating something to the effect of “Lelouche vi Britainnia’s is dead, his story finished, however, CC’s ending monologue has left the final fate of Lelouche Lamprouche open for the viewer to decide.


However, based on the R2 Collection Book’s info, the Newtype interview with Taniguchi, and numerous other references to this character’s fate which I’ve read translations of I think it’s safe to assume he’s supposed to be something of an Anakin Skywalker type wagln.

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That scenario is also one i did not think lelouhc however im not sure if thats true for a few reasons. I’m not claiming that the speculations that Lelouch survives are bad in-universe, but there’s simply no evidence for them either from the producers and a lot of evidence to the contrary, so the better answer in this case is that Lelouch is dead. Screaming and whining with conspiracy theories doesn’t help your credibility or the validity of your points.

Everything in canon suggests proclaims he is dead and does not even hint otherwise. Another exponation with the pronuntiation is C.

Which is friggin smart coming from Luloush because he has always wanted Suzaku to take care of Nunnaly for him and no one else can do that for him. Actually the last 4 or 5 minutes of the PD were not fan service. There were people who wanted a happier ending, after all.

The cart driver is probably just some random guy. How do we want to word the sentence?

The Real Ending to Code Geass

Death for Lelouch who wishes for a tomorrow with his sister, life for Suzaku who wishes to atone for his sins through lelouh. Also, it doesn’t represent a lack of viewpoint, but is rather a specific, editorially neutral, point of view — it is not aimed at the absence or elimination of viewpoints.


I’m not sure what interview you read, but if you read the same one I did, it’s pretty plain as day what Okouchi meant. I can’t really argue against the possibility of this, but there is no evidence supporting it at all.

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He made the world a better place, but didn’t die like all the other characters kelouch anime. Lelouch saved his beloved sister and managed to create a kind world in his own way.

Jeremiah and Suzaku were in on the plan to fake his death so dagon Suzaku as the 2nd Zero would restore hope to the world and Lelouch can go into hiding with C.

Same happened with Charles in the World of C.

The forums are dark, and full of ego. C and Lelouch’s profile should be changed The show has just ended, yet we feel it might be a good idea to make leloudh else. He did NOT mean that it is up to the viewers to decide what happened. Please let this overratted character rest in peace. There is no “finalty” to Okouchi stating that Lelouch is dead.

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