The messages are listed alphabetically. ExpressCharge technology charges a single battery in 1 hour when the computer is off or in suspend mode. If the hard-disk drive is your boot device, make sure the drive is installed, properly seated, and partitioned as a boot device. About About in the Main menu displays information about the highlighted test group, such as limits and parameters and how to set them. The computer was in suspend mode, or the display time-out feature was activated.

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The service tag is also accessed by certain Dell support software, including diagnostics. On the left side of the screen, the 2m33xt Test Groups area lists the diagnostic test groups in the order they will be run if you select Run and then All.

If you output to a file, append the filename after the f parameter.

Your computer was shipped with a diskette drive in the modular bay. If the System Setup program is running when the latitudde enters suspend mode, the computer exits the System Setup program and then activates suspend mode.

Samples of these screens are shown in Diagnostic Video Tests. Output Device for Status Messages Ordinarily, all status messages appear only on the display. Turn off any attached peripherals, and disconnect them from their power sources and then from the computer. Your computer automatically displays the day of the week corresponding to the settings in the three fields that follow month, day-of-the-month, and year. Does the device lattude properly?


Power is available at the power source. When the computer is powered by a battery, the default setting for Brightness is the minimum. Insert your Dell Diagnostics diskette into the diskette drive, and reboot the computer.

The batteries are designed to work only with Dell Latitude CP portable computers. Seek error The operating system cannot find a specific track on c; diskette or hard-disk drive.

Before running the Diskette Drives test group, install a CD-ROM drive in the modular bay and attach the diskette drive to the parallel connector on the back of the computer. There are no userselectable settings for this option. You have an error m233xh your autoexec. Continue to step 5. Press the memory module’s edge connector firmly into the socket.

As the battery charges, does the green battery indicator light up? Then press the power button. The following software is included with your Dell computer system: You should run the stand-alone RAM Test program ramtest.

Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Manuals

Check the documentation that came with the device for any troubleshooting procedures. This chapter also offers general guidelines for analyzing some software problems.


Subtest Most of the test groups consist of several subtests. Make sure the operating environment is set up to accommodate the programs you use. Clear them from memory by booting the computer from the Dell Diagnostics Diskette.

Dell Latitude CP M233XT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX 233 MHz Manuals

Are the root directory contents for Drive C displayed? Then lift the memory module away from the socket. If the port problem is confined to a particular application program, see the application program’s documentation for specific port configuration requirements. A connection to your m233tx was loose. Double-click the Infrared icon.

Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Service manual |

Use a text editor to examine the contents of these files and locate the error. This parameter allows you to direct status messages to either a printer or a file, in addition to the display. Dell Latitude CP package on diskettes.