How do I get rid of the “bubbles”. You can use it, at least on my LW no problem at all. Don’t use it that much. Since it is a problem that shouldn’t happen, and that you somehow put in, I’m unable to advise you how to fix it. I too have a new situation in that I have just recently connected the printer to a network, and I have a sense that that may contribute to the porblem – TGH.

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I would like now to uograde to a PC supporting Windows XP but still wish to use the existing printer. Open the shutter on the cartridge.

I can print sheets and then I get a paper jam loading from the cassette before printing, not after. Does it matter if it has a new drum? Used the video and the print quality went way up on all 3 printers, but the one that had been the dirtest still had a very slight fade.

Can buy a Laserwriter for reasonable amount. Word docs- but I am inclined to not see how that would affect controls for moving paper.


I then tried printing but lasrewriter got loads of text so yes it worked sortof!

Printer: Apple LaserWriter Select | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

They cut one on the Panasonic toner and two on the Pitney Bowes toner. I took the assembly apart to look at the lamp and it appears to be OK. They do so by applying a static charge to the back of the paper to attract the toner.

They are both exactly the same. The PrintingLib file in the Extensions folder prknter be version 8. Anyhow, try enabling the start test printing and see if there is any error happened. New toner cartridges don’t help. A very good friend gave me this printer LaserWriter Selectwhich was operating perfectly, abruptly refused a routine, small print job 630 Word from my iMac. Dave, Thanks for the info. Can you print out a test page from the XP driver?

Or is this a lost cause due to the expense? I think I only have one more cartridge unopened. The manual indicates a repair is necessary. Uses a Panasonic UF Could this be a problem with the fuser? I’ve had it for years andwith dismay at the scale of electronic waste, would love to keep it going. They usually only cause squealing sounds from the wiper blade.


Apple LaserWriter Select 360 – Dirty printouts

I have to decide whether to keep this printer and buy some toner or go with a USB printer. You can use it, at least on my LW no problem at all. It always prints out a demo page once you power it on.

It just allows you to put bigger, more complex files into the memory. I had fading on the right side of the printed page, and replacing the toner cartridge did not help.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360

There is plenty of paper in the machine. How do I check the thermal fuse?

I did a quick Google search and nothing. Anybody with a clue?