Another user may have locked the bindery. Check the paper exit area on top of the printer to see whether the paper is jammed there. Printer is warming up, printing a startup page, or processing data for the next print job. Troubleshooting ibm pc or compatible troubleshooting Page 69 Click Open Printer.

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Open the printer cover and remove the used cartridge. Page Click Options. Table Of Contents Step 4: The printer sp be turned off or the network cable disconnected.

Installing Options This chapter provides instructions for installing your paper-handling options, hard disks, and expanded RAM. Setting this dial indicates to printfr printer the size of the paper in the cassette.

Log in to the system console as root. Squeeze the guide to adjust it.

You see the Printer Selector window. Page Check the paper exit area on top of the printer to see whether the paper is jammed there. Pull the tape completely out. A cheap and charming color laser printer A cheap and charming color laser printer by Dan Ackerman. You can also purchase RAM expansion kits oaserwriter many electronics and computer outlets.

Don’t have an account? Page Click Add New. If you experience paper jams, loosen up the stack of paper by fanning it before you load it into the paper cassette.


It was almost as if rather than dither the images the printer just reduced the number of grays, leaving heavily banded areas on our images. Create and set the privileges for the spool directory specified in step 2.

At the UNIX prompt, type ps -e grep rlp If the process is running, you will see one or more lines of text; it it is not running, you will see no response.

Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS – printer – monochrome – laser

You can pull out this extension to support long envelopes. You can keep a small stack of paper in the multipurpose tray and let the LaserWriter Pro feed the paper automatically, or you can use the multipurpose tray for manual-feed printing. Page 39 A4, depending on which cassette you have. Preparing A Server So Users Can Install Over A Network Preparing a server so users can install over a network If you prefer that users install their software from a network server rather than passing around the original Macintosh floppy disks, you must copy the disks to a server as follows: Click the name of the network zone in which your printer is located, if your printer is connected to a network with zones.

LaserWriter 16/ PS – TidBITS

Turning tray switching on or off Tray switching allows you to switch automatically between the paper cassette and the multipurpose tray or other optional paper source without reloading paper when one paper source runs out of paper. Page – Selecting printer options in the setup d Novell NetWare troubleshooting The printer is properly connected and configured, but printing is garbled or displays unwanted characters.


Insert your paper within the guides. Use two hands to insert the toner cartridge into the printer. You are downloading trial software. Page 73 Click Initialize to proceed. Page Page – Configuring atps for the first time on a First off, the program does not rely on the Chooser to know which printer to configure. Problems With Printed Documents Problems with printed documents This section provides remedies for problems in the appearance of a printed document.

For those of you keeping score, this means a Lower the envelope weight. When there is no paper left in the tray, the Paper Out light comes on.