This, and the possibility that one or two bases may be coincidentally shared between sequences, makes it difficult to define the exact site of each boundary. There are several types of genomic rearrangement that could give rise to an increase in copy number, e. The triplication is, however, sufficiently stable to have been the predominant genotype in the Wld s population for several years, because the mice carrying a triplication date from early , , and , whereas the duplication dates from In summary, an kb tandem triplication found within the candidate genetic interval of distal mouse chromosome 4 is likely to be the Wld s mutation, and this mutation could affect gene function by a mechanism involving gene dosage, gene disruption, or a position effect. Therefore, to identify the Wld gene it will be necessary to construct a detailed transcript map of the triplicated region and to use a functional model to test whether candidate gene s can confer the dominant Wld s phenotype on wild-type neurons.

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KU Annual Report 2011 – Page 40

The composite locus order is centromere – Tnfr2, Nppa – 0. In the mouse it has been predicted that a triplication 998 be formed as a reciprocal genotype when the kb pink-eyed unstable p un duplication reverts to wild type Open in a separate window.

Our technology in the mass production of Nanofiber and naturally derived food formulation is unique and unattainable by our competitors. Discussion in ‘ Hardware ‘ started by sabledogJul 2, It will be interesting to determine whether there is any phenotypic difference between mice carrying the duplication and the triplication, although so far the duplication has been observed only in postmortem tissue. However, a phage and plasmid contig generated from BAC F8 and P1 I15 established the length of the repeat unit as 85 kb data not shown.


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What model of DELL do you have? Extraction of Genomic DNA. Sequencing of the boundaries of the repeat unit.

The Wld s mutation originally was thought to act by slowing macrophage infiltration into a damaged nerve, but a series of transplantation experiments has shown since that the phenotype is inherent in the axon 89. The triplication is, however, sufficiently stable to have been the predominant genotype in the Wld s population for several years, because the mice carrying a triplication date from early, andwhereas the duplication dates from This degeneration is followed by secondary changes in other cell types, such as breakdown of the myelin sheath and macrophage infiltration 2.

Primers 54 and 59 were used in inverse PCR 20 to amplify across the junction formed between adjacent repeat units Fig. Indeed, although there may be some instability see below the triplication genotype appears to have been predominant in the Wld s population for many generations.

Sequences at the Boundaries of the Repeat Unit. In addition, a duplication allele was identified in two Wld s mice, indicating some instability in the repeat copy number and suggesting that the triplication arose from a duplication by unequal crossing over. The sequences reported in this paper have been deposited in the GenBank database accession nos.


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The mutation occurred spontaneously at Harlan-Olac Bicester, U. The identification of the Wld gene should give an insight into this problem. Oct 2, Messages: Beyond domestic Japanese manufacturers, we also form alliances with overseas manufacturers, investors and venture capitalists in various specialized fields. Therefore, this is a strong candidate for the Wld s mutation.

Windows 98 has some support for USB mice and keyboards. An 8-bp motif should occur approximately once every 64 kb in a random sequence so it seems unlikely to be a coincidence that it should be placed so prominently next to each boundary of the triplicated region. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Either there are a few surviving copies of the proposed original mutation, or partial reversion has occurred triplication back to duplication.

Wld has been mapped to distal mouse chromosome 4 close to Nppa 14and further studies have excluded some potential candidate genes in this region