Fri Dec 07, 5: No probs with the Live though. The only way to really do what the original thread originator wants is to have a database where each Ars user registers a particular set of specs and lists problems on a bullet list. We have had the pleasure of reviewing 2 of their earlier motherboards in the past the SL 67KV and SL 77KV and had found them to be among the best that we have ever seen. Dec 23, Posts: I went back to ACPI a few days later.

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In the past couple of years we have seen chip makers drastically change their processor interfaces and mainboard manufacturers have been forced to quickly adapt to ever changing standards. Jun 3, Posts: This is certainly a benefit to those who require more than 2 USB ports and do not want to spend any additional money on a USB hub. Keyboard stops responding, mouse stops responding.

Did we find this board to be as well engineered as their previous generation products? Nov 5, Posts: The boards with the highest sales will get the worst publicity given an equal failure rate. Its the RAM’s fault.


Oct 20, Posts: Edit fixed by the 4. Quite a contrast from the days before the existance of the Athlon.

I went back to ACPI a few days later. Wed Dec 05, To solve a previous stability problem, which turned out to be the M memory hole enabled and it does not like it, I audil with the standard HAL rather than ACPI. Detaching the Zip drive, this problem did not occur.

VIA KT133 / 133A Motherboards

Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Thanks people this will definately help someone. In August, I had problems with the hard disk being misdetected as qudio a different nonexistent!

I have tried everything, made many posts on Ars, but no one has been able to solve it. May 14, Posts: Running WinXP Pro without using the 4in1 drivers. Random lockups, general instability.

Fri Dec 21, Using Norton WinDoctor seemed to help stability a little. Switched to a new PCI slot and no probs since. Abit KT7, voltage mod done, 2.


So, I shipped the Abit board back to Newegg, and got another. Apr 28, Posts: Asus A7V Revision 1.

Chaintech 7AIV – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

Maybe related to the old 4in1’s that are loaded. And given the boosting that this site has given VIA controlled motherboards, I have to believe that there is some of that going on.

Via warns about that on their web page. I’m stuck stuck stuck.

List of VIA chipsets – Wikipedia

The next morning there was a windows bluescreen and the box was locked up. Phoenix ’97 Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: I got windows protection errors and every once in awhile the box would stop in the middle of the boot and power down.

Thu Dec 06, 1: